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Mission & Vision

To share my Feng Shui knowledge, passion and expertise to help people improve their living conditions, happiness and aspects of their lives, even incrementally.

I am passionate about empowering individuals to enhance their confidence, manifest their desires, and cultivate a positive mindset with the help of Feng Shui.

To touch 5,000 homes every year. To help everyday people access and implement Feng Shui to reap its benefits!


Impeccability, Trustworthiness, Affordability, Personal Power,

Self-development, Doing what you Love and Loving what you Do!

Why Feng Shui Your Way?

"Love your home, Love yourself, Love your life"

There is a sacred relationship and a deep interconnectedness between our external environment (home) and our internal well-being (self). By creating harmony in our living spaces, we can enhance our self-love and ultimately lead a more fulfilling life. 

I chose the name Feng Shui Your Way for a couple of reasons. For one, it's catchy and a bit of a play on words..."Feng Shui Your Way to wealth", "Feng Shui Your Way to happiness"...and more importantly, it's about achieving your outcomes, your way!


I take time to understand your outcomes so together we can apply Feng Shui principles to achieve your goals! Every consultation is unique and personalised to you and your space. 


My outcome is to help you create a space that you love and one that supports you in achieving your goals. I want to empower you to Feng Shui Your Way to a home, self and life you love.


My name is Natalie and I LOVE what I do and I put the "FUN" in Feng Shui!


I discovered Feng Shui when I was 14 years old and looking for a relationship. Through implementing its magic, I found love, two-fold! I manifested a boyfriend within days and I fell in a love with Feng Shui and the immediate results it can yield! Feng Shui has been a passion of mine and a major part of my life ever since!

I preach and promote self-empowerment through Feng Shui, teaching people the art of Feng Shui to feel confident, empowered and happy. 


I am a certified Feng Shui Master with over 15 years' experience in studying and applying Traditional and Black Hat Feng Shui to houses, apartments, businesses, investment properties, renovation projects, new builds, holiday homes, tiny homes, even suitcases and more! 

I founded Feng Shui Your Way in 2016 and have since helped individuals, young couples, families, business owners and real estate agents, both within Australia and internationally, to achieve incredible results with Feng Shui. From the successful sale and rental of multiple properties, to business growth and success, to clients attracting soulmates and repairing relationships, to banishing ghosts...through implementing Feng Shui, together my clients and I have achieved some tremendous results!

My approach is unique and effective; I combine Feng Shui advice and techniques with an element of intuition. Often I get a strong feel from the space and I let it tell me what it needs / wants, in line with Feng Shui. The history of the building, previous owners or occupants is also of great interest to me. These extra details often tell me an accurate story about the space and its history and energy. This also indicates which areas may need some extra attention – enhancers or remedies. 

I like to use a combination of Traditional and Black Hat Feng Shui, where possible, as I feel Black Hat brings about more immediate results and Traditional works with the energetic pull of the Earth, so creates a strong foundation for the future and long-term results.

There is a lot of information on the internet and conflicting sources can make it confusing! I aim to take away the confusion by providing accurate, simple and personalised Feng Shui advice! Across my site, you will find lots of information and Feng Shui tools! Please feel free to reach out with any questions!


I'd love to be a part of your Feng Shui journey


"What would you do if you could do anything and if money were no object?"

My Feng Shui journey began with self-education over 15 years ago.


In 2016, I completed my Silver Feng Shui Certificate through Earth Home School of Feng Shui.


Then in 2018, I travelled to America and completed my Feng Shui Master Consultant Certificate with Red Lotus Letter Feng Shui.

I continue to further my education and expand my expertise in Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Certification
Feng Shui Certification


I am based on the Gold Coast in Australia, offering local in-person consultations. Interstate in-person consultations are also available by arrangement and I offer consultations over Zoom.

I understand that every space is as unique as the individuals living, working or spending time in it. Each consultation is customised to your specific outcomes, desires and space.

Choose from a single room or area of your life you'd like to improve, to an entire home or business consultation. Any scale; from a desk or suitcase, to a small apartment or a mansion, to a corporate office block, to town planning. Feng Shui can be applied in any circumstance.

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