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Feng Shui For the Home

How can Feng Shui help you?


Have you just moved into a new house?
Moving house can be difficult to say the least. All the packing, unpacking, hiring removalists and trucks, deciding where everything will go in the new space...the list goes on! On top of all that, it can take over 12 months for a house to gain personality and to reflect your personal style, so you're living in a sterile place or in what feels like someone else's home for at least a year! Additionally, spaces hold energy, so if the house was owned or tenanted previously, it is likely still holding some of the energy of the last owners or tenants. Clear out this energy and usher in your own while making this new transition easy and effortless with Feng Shui. Feng Shui Your Way into your new home.
Natalie has lived in 19 different spaces and is an expert in making a place your own through using FS. 

Houses directly reflect our lives. The relationship between the home and its inhabitant is an interconnected one. They are a reflection of one another. 

Are you renting?
Sometimes renting can limit the changes you can make to a space. For instance, you may not be able to hang photos or paint the walls or plant the garden you always wanted. This can make it difficult to make the home really feel like yours. Besides, who wants to unpack everything for perhaps 12-24 months only to have to pack it up again and not really have anywhere to put it in the first place? Exhausting, right?! Feng Shui Your Way can help make a space your own, even where limits exist on the changes that can be made. It is all about working with you, within the space, within the limitations that exist.

Are you renovating?
Renovating a house or a space is figuratively upheaving your life. The energetic effects of renovating can be quite intense, especially when renovating powerful areas of the home such as bathrooms, kitchens, offices and bedrooms. Renovating these key rooms is equivalent to renovating your emotions, your reputation, your career and your relationship. While renovations are underway, many emotions can be stirred up and tensions can run high. Feng Shui can help manage the energetic effects created by the changes occurring on the physical level. It can help ground the energy and avoid the potential damage of figuratively upheaving your life. Feng Shui Your Way to a seamless renovation. 

Building a new house?
This is the perfect opportunity to start from scratch and build a house that is aligned with Feng Shui principles! Instead of having to find cures or remedies for Feng Shui "no-nos" after the foundations have already been laid and the house has already been built, set yourself up for success and a happy, harmonious home, while still in the designing or building process! Design your home in accordance with Feng Shui - learn the best layout for your home; the most auspicious places to put your bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry, kids' rooms, home office, kitchen, study, family and living rooms. While different areas of the house occupy different areas of the Ba Gua map, each room has an individual function within the home. Aligning these with the different guas (areas of the home) can make for the most auspicious and optimum conditions.

Are your kids not sleeping in their beds?

The fear of monsters under the bed. Kids are highly sensitive to energy and although the room may seem normal, there could be factors influencing it. Perhaps a poison arrow is coming through their window, or perhaps there is some dense energy trapped in one of the corners of the room? Mirrors can also be quite scary at night and symbolise a third party being present. I recently consulted a client's home where her son wouldn't sleep in his bed, or even go into his room. Immediately upon entering the room and after mere seconds of being in there, I felt unsafe and it really felt like there was a third presence in the room. No wonder the kid didn't want to sleep in there; I didn't even want to be in that roo for more than a few minutes! In that room we found knives, (Nerf) guns, hooks, a metal tree of life that was shooting daggers of hate and an array of other threatening items. 

Is there one area of your house that seems to continually get dirty or messy faster than any other area?

Where energy is stagnant, dust and clutter seem to build up faster, for there is nothing moving this energy around; it is just sitting and gathering in one spot. Often energy can get stuck in corners of rooms and dead bugs or spider webs in these areas can indicate where there is a lack of energy flow. With a simple analysis of the space and the energy flow, coupled with some space clearing techniques, you can move clutter out of your life and focus on more important things than cleaning up the house. Feng Shui Your Way to a clutter-free home.

Do you work from home?
Have a home office and having trouble balancing work and personal life? Often where the lines between work an home are blurred, challenges arise. Having your business operate from home, or working rom home, brings that energy into a space that is strongly related to your personal life. Depending on where the home office or your work desk is located within the home and within the Ba Gua map, this work energy can affect different areas of your life. For example, a home office or work desk in the Family Gua can sometimes affect the prioritising of work and family or in the Relationship Gua, can symbolise a strong relationship with your work, perhaps stronger than that with your partner. A work-life paradigm can be a hard thing to balance at any given moment, however incorporating Feng Shui techniques to set up your home office or work space within the home (and in the most auspicious area of the home), while separating personal and work energies, can make for a much more harmonious place of residence and productive workspace all under the one roof. 


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