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Protect Yourself From Coronavirus The Feng Shui Way

Turning on the TV at the moment, all you see and hear of is Coronavirus!

The world has survived SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Zika Virus, Ebola and more! So why is Coronavirus causing the world to seemingly go mad?

Coronavirus toilet paper

Broadway and Disney Land - two of America's largest and most popular tourist attractions - closing down! Events being cancelled worldwide, airlines cancelling flights, cruise ship companies going into hibernation!

Supermarket shelves bereft of hand sanitiser and toilet paper - I mean, the hand sanitiser makes sense, but toilet paper?! Come on Australia!

Why is Coronavirus getting so much attention and wreaking so much havoc?

It clicked for me tonight that the Feng Shui Annual Flying Stars of 2020 have forewarned of this and can almost explain - not the Coronavirus itself - but what is going on in the world in response to it.

I wanted to approach the Coronavirus spectacle form a Feng Shui perspective and examine why it is gripping the world so strongly. I offer some Feng Shui tips in this article also for protecting your health in 2020. Please know that the Feng Shui tips offered are based on Feng Shui principles, not medical advice and I encourage you to look after your health and to seek medical advice when required.

Feng Shui Flying Stars

From a Feng Shui perspective, the media hype and the health concerns regarding Coronavirus make total sense. The Annual Feng Shui Flying Stars give us the first clues as to why.

Flying Stars are an integral part of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui. They are energies (some positive and some negative) that move around the space at certain times; monthly, annually and periodically (every 20 years).

With every movement comes a shift in energy and in luck.

Fortunately, these energies move in patterns so these shifts can be predicted and we can stay one step ahead in determining our luck.

Feng Shui Flying Stars directions

Conversely, if negative Flying Star energies are left unattended and without remedy, they can wreak havoc on our lives! This can manifest in problems with health, lawsuits, severe illnesses, massive loss of wealth, relationship get it.

The official date of change for the Feng Shui Annual Flying Stars each year is the 4th of February.

Each time the Annual Flying Stars move, this is a universal and worldwide event. These shifts occur in every house, office and building and affect everyone inhabiting or working in these spaces.

This explains why Coronavirus is a worldwide event and spectacle.

"But the Coronavirus began in 2019" - Yes and it is affecting us in 2020.

Although the Coronavirus reared its head in 2019, its effects are strengthening in 2020.

Remembering that we are examining this from a Feng Shui perspective, I might add that often the energies of the Annual Flying Stars can begin taking effect a few months before they actually shift in February, so 2019 might have been a warning and the beginning of what was to come in 2020.

OK, so which Flying Stars could be responsible?

Of particular interest in 2020 are the locations of the Annual 7, 5 and 2 Flying Stars. These particular Flying Stars are all notorious for wreaking havoc when it comes to health and wellbeing.

The 2 Black Illness Star

The 2 Star is an inauspicious (unlucky) star in Period 8. It is associated with health, financial and relationship problems.

Feng Shui 2 Star

As opposed to the 5 Yellow Catastrophe Star (discussed later), the 2 Black Illness Star generally results in smaller injuries or illnesses, such as paper cuts, a cold or flu or allergies, rather than major health problems (eg. cancer, disease, heart attacks etc.) Unfortunately though, its energy is very strong in 2020, emphasising and exacerbating its effect.

Remember that the Coronavirus is a virus - a cold / flu.

This year, the 2 Star is in the South.

In Feng Shui, the South is the Fame, Reputation, Success and Status sector. The South governs how people see you and how you show up in the world. This applies on both personal and professional / commercial levels. On a personal level, it relates to self-image and, on a business / commercial level, it relates to brand image. The South is also linked with personal and business status and success.

Having the 2 Star in this sector in 2020 "may cause challenges within the professional realm as well relating to business finances and professional business relationships / partnerships." - This is a quote from my 2020 Feng Shui Flying Star Analysis written in February.

From a Feng Shui perspective, the damaging impact Coronavirus is having on businesses and the economy makes complete sense.

Trade relationships between businesses and countries have been affected and we are seeing businesses beginning to suffer (except toilet paper companies, they appear to be doing quite well).

Media Coverage of Coronavirus

According to Google News, Coronavirus is getting more media coverage than SARS and HIV-AIDS - combined!

Coronavirus stats

Given that the 2 Star (notoriously associated with colds / flus) is positioned in the South Fame and Reputation sector in 2020, it makes sense that the Coronavirus has become so famous and a hot topic in 2020.

The Coronavirus is getting its 15 minutes of fame and then some!

The 7 Red Violence and Robbery Star

The second Annual Flying Star I want to talk about is the 7 Red Robbery and Violence Star.

In 2020, the 7 Red Star sits in the Centre of every home, office, building and space.

The Centre of every space is the Health sector. As you probably guessed, this is not an ideal location for the 7 Star.

Each sector in Feng Shui has an Element that supports it. These Elements interact with each other in either a positive (Constructive Cycle) or negative (Destructive and Exhaustive Cycles) way.

The 7 Star's Element is Metal, which drains the Earth Element of the Centre / Health sector, causing serious issues for health in 2020.

Again, the Flying Stars affect every home, office and building and everyone in the world. For this reason, Feng Shui would predict that world health would be at risk in 2020 given the position of the 7 Star this year. The eruption of Coronavirus supports this hypothesis.

The 5 Yellow Catastrophe Star

The final Star I want to mention is the 5 Yellow Star.

This Flying Star is associated with major health issues, such as cancer, disease, heart attack etc. Luckily in 2020 its energy is weakened, as it resides in the East of every home, office and building. Phew!

"So, its energy is weak, that's good right? Why mention it?"

Of more interest is its location - the East. The East sector is associated with Family and Community.

Coronavirus photo

Currently, sensationalism of the Coronavirus is causing fear on a mass level, among communities worldwide. It is also having a negative effect on community-building, as people are being encouraged to stay home and isolate themselves.

Interestingly also, as we know, Coronavirus affects the Respiratory System and some people who contract Coronavirus also develop pneumonia-like symptoms.

Well, here's the kicker - the East in Feng Shui is related to the lungs!

So we have the 5 Star, associated with severe illness in the East, which corresponds to family and community as well as the lungs and we have a respiratory virus spreading through communities (and causing people to isolate themselves, hence destroying a sense of community). Wow!

Tips to Protect Your Health in 2020

As promised, I have included some Feng Shui tips below so you can Feng Shui Your Way through Coronavirus.

1. Protect and Enhance Your Health

With the 7 Star in the Centre in 2020 and Coronavirus in the air, health should be a priority!

It is advisable to avoid having colours such as white and grey in the Centre this year. The same applies for metal objects and round shapes. It is imperative to AVOID any fire or open / naked flames in the centre of any space in 2020.

Instead, enhance this sector with Water Element colours here such as black, blue and charcoal. Keeping this space clean, clear and tidy will help to keep you healthy.

Of course take normal health precautions as well. WASH YOUR HANDS! Take vitamin C and / or a probiotic. Eat healthy, exercise and drink plenty of water.

2. Enhance and Protect Your Personal and Professional Image

Remember that the South relates to Fame, Reputation, Status and Success. In order to protect these areas of your life this year (and amidst the Coronavirus spectacle), place strong positive imagery in the South that represents your success and how you want to be seen. Things like positive customer reviews, strong branding materials, awards and / or certifications etc.

Feel free to enhance the Metal and Wood Elements in this sector using plants, metal and wooden objects and colours like white, grey, green and brown. A 5-rod metal wind chime can also be beneficial in the South during 2020.

Possibly rethink your advertising and promotional strategies to be more sensitive to the situation at the moment. I still see businesses advertising events, when the government and media are encouraging people to stay away from social events and other people.

3. Leave The South, East and Centre Alone

It is highly inadvisable to disturb these areas in 2020. This means no digging or ground breaking work and no renovations in these sectors. Also avoid loud noises (including doors slamming) and bright lights in these areas.

4. Salt Water Cures and Moving Metal

Salt Water Cures are highly recommended remedies for the South and East this year. Moving metal - items such as metal fans, pendulum clocks, a Newton's Cradle - is extremely helpful in both these sectors as well.


It is interesting to look at the locations of the 2, 5 and 7 Flying Stars in 2020 and what this means on a global scale while observing the correlating Coronavirus spectacle unfold.

With the 7 Red Violence and Robbery Star in the Health sector of every home, office and building this year, a worldwide health issue makes sense.

Additionally with the 5 Yellow Catastrophe Star affecting the LUNGS in 2020 and the 2 Black Illness Star notoriously related to colds and flus, it makes sense that we would have a respiratory illness in 2020.

The 2 Star is also in the South this year, which relates to Fame, Reputation, Status and Success - personal AND professional. This explains the impact the illness (or rather its sensationalism) is having on businesses and the economy and also the FAME this virus is getting, given it has had more media coverage than SARS and MERS combined (according to Google News)!

While Feng Shui may not be able to predict exactly what kind of events will occur, it can certainly give us indications and warnings of what is to come. Understanding the Flying Stars and how to correctly enhance and / or remedy them can allow us to (more) successfully navigate challenges that are posed to our health and overall wellbeing.

Understanding and applying Feng Shui correctly can be very complicated. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. It is always advisable to seek the advice of a professional to ensure the best results.

I wish you happiness and health in 2020!


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