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Standard Home Consultation

$250 per hour (min 2 hours)

Small Business Consultation

$450 per hour (min 2 hours)

Medium-Large Business Consultation / Other

Email for pricing

Online Appraisal


Upload a copy of your floor plan and get a basic appraisal including Feng Shui Bagua Map overlay with basic Feng Shui tools for each area of the home PLUS a basic house numerology summary.

Student Package

1 hr   |  $90.00

Consultation tailored specifically to students with focus on Skills and Knowledge gua, Career and Life Path gua and Health gua. Enhance your health, improve your grades and start building your career!

Limited to ONE room.
Valid only for students. Additional guas can be added for $20 each.

Bright and Modern Kitchen

Focused Consultation

2 hrs  |  $500

Are finances a problem for you? Maybe you want to improve your current relationship or find "the one"? Maybe you want to advance your career or improve your health? Whatever it may be for you, enhance that one particularly challenging area of your life with this customised consultation! 

This focused one-on-one session is specifically tailored to focus on and improve an area of your life (of your choice) with the goal of achieving tangible results. Learn the basics of Feng Shui, as well as the skills and techniques required to fully harness the power of Feng Shui and take your life to a whole new level! 


What you get:

  • Personalised one-on-one consultation up to 2 hours for ONE key area of the home for greater results

  • Tips for effective intention setting

  • Written summary of the consultation – including recommendations

  • Introduction to basic Feng Shui principles and tools

  • Identify key areas of home and life that need enhancing

  • Identify key areas of home and life that are working well

  • FREE Bagua map overlay of your personal floor plan

  • FREE Numerology summary for your house address

Consultations available for homes and businesses

A comprehensive consultation offering an in-depth analysis of an entire space with recommendations / suggestions for improving the overall Feng Shui within the space, the flow of Chi and also different aspects of your life. 

This consultation can be conducted in person or over Skype.

Comprehensive Consultation

2 hrs   |  $500

Combination Consultation

(Most popular)

3 hrs    |  $695

Offering the best of both worlds.

This consultation brings attention to the space as a whole, addressing every area of the home and corresponding area of life and also offers an in-depth and focused session looking at one particular area and implementing Feng Shui suggestions / remedies for that specific area.

This consultation can be conducted in person or over Skype.

Loft Appartment

Business Consultation

from $450.00 per hour

Improve your business with Feng Shui. Whether you are running a start-up business and want to get your name out there or you are an experienced business looking to expand or enter a partnership, Feng Shui Your Way to the next level and set a benchmark in your industry.
Find out more on the Feng Shui for Business page.

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