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2024 Annual Flying Stars Ultimate Guide

2024 Annual Flying Stars Ultimate Guide


Everything you need to know to attract love, health and wealth in 2024!


Make this year your best year yet by harnessing the power of the Flying Stars!


The Annual Flying Stars have the power to bring harmony to our lives or to wreak havoc on them!


Through enhancing and remedying the Annual Flying Stars, you can stay one step ahead of your luck, health, wealth, career and relationships in 2024.


⭐️ Learn how to attract more prosperity, abundance, happiness, wealth, positive relationships and creativity AND avoid financial pitfalls, illness, lawsuits, family disputes, business challenges and more!


⭐️ Learn about each Star, its qualities and effects and how to enhance its positive influence, OR remedy its negative impact.


⭐️ Learn how to stay one step ahead of luck in 2024!


My Ultimate Annual Flying Stars Guide has EVERYTHING you need to know about each of the 9 Flying Stars AND the Annual Afflictions.


This is the most comprehensive guide on the internet, taking into account Form School, Compass School, 8 Mansions, the Trigrams, Period and Annual Flying Stars, the Elements and more!


In this guide you’ll find enhancers and remedies for each Flying Star that are simple, easy, accurate, effective and affordable.


This year we transition into Period 9! With any new year – and especially with a new Period – comes changes!


The nature of some of the Flying Stars are changing with this transition, with Stars that have previously been positive taking on negative traits and previously negative Stars gaining a more positive influence.


In this guide, complex traditional Feng Shui concepts are presented in a way that is easy to understand and implement yourself.


This Guide empowers you to make your own adjustments and changes for your own space and life.


Feng Shui Your Way to a life and year that you love and deserve!

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