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Case Studies

Prosperity Powerhouse

Welcome to this captivating case study that delves into the remarkable transformation of the Prosperity and Career & Life Path sectors in one of my client's homes. Join us on a journey where we explore the challenges they faced and witness how the application of Feng Shui principles turned their space into a magnet for abundance, improved relationships, and positive changes. Together, we will uncover the adjustments, remedies, and enhancements that turned a neglected room into a haven of creativity and wealth attraction.

Client Background:
Let's meet, Penny.

Penny reached out to me seeking assistance after encountering a series of financial setbacks. She works from home as an energy healer and wanted to maximise the potential of her space for abundance, prosperity and career success.


Within a week of moving into their new home, her husband lost his job. Within another couple of weeks, Penny's mother also lost her job and moved into Penny's house as a result. Side note: Interestingly, at the time of the consultation, Penny's mother was residing in the spare room situated in the Family sector of the house.


Additionally, during the consultation, Penny shared with me that the property had a history of financial struggles; the first owners had to sell due to divorce and financial issues and the owners before Penny's family sold due to bankruptcy. It became evident that certain energies were influencing the prosperity and negatively impacting the financial stability of the household. 

Initial Consultation and Analysis:

Prosperity, Wealth & Abundance
Prior to our consultation, Penny provided me with a floor plan that shed light on an underground drain running alongside the left side of the house, passing through the ProsperityFamily, and Skills & Knowledge sectors. This discovery provided valuable insight into the recurring financial challenges faced not only by Penny's family, but also by the previous occupants. Armed with this understanding, we focused on revitalising the Prosperity sector, seeking to restore balance and invite positive energy into the space.

Floor plan Feng Shui

Transformation Process:
Together, over the course of a few hours, Penny and I collaborated to breathe new life into the Prosperity sector. Together, we transformed a cluttered storage room into a sanctuary brimming with abundance and creative energy.


Out went furniture, objects, photos and artwork that failed to align with the sector's prosperity theme, making room for carefully selected items that symbolised wealth and success.


With thoughtful attention to detail, we infused the space with inspiring power colours, exquisite furnishings, and captivating décor that resonated with Penny's aspirations.

Feng Shui Before
Feng Shui after

Addressing the Underground Drain:
The underground drain was draining water waste AND money from the Prosperity sector, down through the Family sector and then through the Skills & Knowledge sector.


Being underground, the drain posed a challenge to applying typical Feng Shui remedies. To neutralise the negative effects of the underground drain, we needed to be creative. We implemented remedies specific to the drain's position, with the intent of protecting the house from its negative draining effects.


Through strategic placement of Feng Shui remedies including red tape, terracotta pots, small mirrors, and crystals, we created a formidable shield that deflected and protected against the drain's harmful influence. These remedies acted to shield the Prosperity sector from the drain, allowing its energy to flourish and manifest positive outcomes.

Results and Testimonial:
Within a remarkably short span of just one week following our consultation, I was thrilled to receive this message from Penny:

"Feeling great in my new space! Mum is really feeling much better. And she's starting bringing in deals at work! The day after our consult, we rented out our investment property that had been empty for a month! My husband and I are really connecting with love :) Thanks again!"

The transformation of the Prosperity sector had a profound impact on the entire household. Penny's mother experienced a renewed sense of well-being, which led to tangible success within her professional endeavours. The timely rental of their vacant investment property showcased a significant turnaround in their financial circumstances. Moreover, Penny observed a delightful shift in her relationship with her husband, as they deepened their connection and rekindled their love.

This captivating case study is a testament to the potent effects of Feng Shui when wielded with precision and intention. By addressing the underlying energy imbalances in the Prosperity sector and implementing carefully curated enhancements, we successfully created positive changes in the lives of Penny and her family. The transformation of their space not only attracted abundance and prosperity but also fostered well-being, harmonious relationships, and personal growth. Together, we harnessed the power of Feng Shui to create a sanctuary that aligned with Penny's desires, paving the way for a future brimming with prosperity and joy.

Follow-up Consultation: Career & Life Path Sector
After witnessing the remarkable results achieved in transforming the Prosperity sector, Penny eagerly sought my Feng Shui expertise once again, this time for the Career & Life Path sector. Penny wanted to energise this sector to ignite and propel her professional aspirations. Together, we embarked on a journey to unlock the full potential of this vital area within her home.

By carefully analysing the floor plan and considering Penny's aspirations, we identified areas where improvements were needed to enhance her career prospects and align her space with her life path goals.

Transformation Process:
During the follow-up consultation, we gave the Career & Life Path sector a major facelift, infusing it with new energy and abundance. Penny and I worked together, again for a couple of hours, to implement powerful changes in the Career & Life Path sector.


Through the strategic rearrangement of furniture, we created an optimal flow of energy that supported her professional growth and development. We introduced specific power tools and carefully selected new imagery, artwork, and decorations that resonated with her career ambitions and aspirations.

Additionally, we incorporated elements that symbolised progress, success, and determination to inspire and propel Penny towards her goals. The space was infused with objects and visuals that evoked a sense of purpose, motivation, and accomplishment.

Feng Shui After

Results and Testimonial:
The impact of the adjustments made in the Career & Life Path sector was almost immediate!

Penny shared an exhilarating testimonial: "Within two days, my business literally doubled!"

The remarkable business success Penny experienced is a testament to the power of Feng Shui and its ability to align our environment with our aspirations. By creating an environment that supported her professional endeavours and reflected her career ambitions, my client witnessed an exponential growth in her business. The intentional changes made within her home stimulated her energy and drive, allowing her to manifest her career goals with remarkable speed and efficacy.

The follow-up consultation focusing on the Career & Life Path sector proved to be another remarkable milestone in Penny's Feng Shui journey. By strategically adjusting her space to align with her professional aspirations, we unleashed a surge of energy and opportunity. The profound impact of the changes was evident as Penny's business experienced extraordinary growth within a matter of days.

This case study exemplifies the transformative power of Feng Shui when applied with precision and tailored to individual goals and aspirations. Through our continued collaboration, Penny harnessed the energy of her environment to propel her career forward, achieving tangible and remarkable results. The combination of intention, strategic adjustments, and alignment with her life path set the stage for continued success and personal fulfilment.

Selling Houses

Get ready for an exciting case study that uncovers the enchanting world of Feng Shui and its incredible impact on selling properties. In this captivating story, we'll take you through the collaboration between a real estate pro and our fabulous Feng Shui consultancy, as we sprinkle some magic dust to breathe new life into a spectacular listing. Join us on this journey as we unlock the secrets of Feng Shui in the real estate realm.


Client Background:

Meet Nick, a seasoned real estate agent with a keen eye for the potential of leveraging Feng Shui to accelerate property sales. Recognising the value of aligning the energy of a space with the desires of potential buyers, Nick sought my professional guidance to unlock the hidden potential of a remarkable property.


Together, we embarked on a journey to elevate the property's appeal and generate a renewed sense of interest and enthusiasm among prospective buyers.

Promenade Isle of Capri Feng Shui house sale

Property Overview:

Picture this: a stunning property in an A-list location that would make anyone swoon. But here's the twist – it had been sitting on the market for months, failing to find the right buyer. Previous offers had crumbled, leaving Nick determined to unleash the property's true magic and make a speedy sale.

Feng Shui Analysis:

Upon thorough analysis of the property, I identified key Feng Shui issues that hindered its marketability and created an unfavorable energy flow. By addressing these concerns head-on, we aimed to restore balance and harmony within the space, igniting the interest and enthusiasm of potential buyers...and it worked!

Key Feng Shui Issues and Remedies:

Alignment of the Front and Back Doors:
The direct alignment of the front and back doors, created an inauspicious energy line that was conducive to a loss of wealth and money for the residents. To rectify this, we implemented a simple yet powerful remedy – a transparent, hanging crystal. This adjustment effectively shifted the energy flow, preventing money from flowing out the back door and inviting abundance into the property.

Bathroom in the Prosperity Sector:

The presence of a bathroom in the Prosperity sector posed a potential obstacle to attracting wealth and prosperity. To counterbalance this, we introduced specific Feng Shui remedies, including the application of my secret Feng Shui weapon: red tape, strategic placement of prosperity power tools and incorporation of auspicious colours to enhance this sector.

These adjustments served to remedy the negative draining effects of the bathroom on wealth, abundance and prosperity, allowing money to poolaccumulate and grow, rather than being drained away or going down the toilet.

Metal Spiral Staircase at the Front Entrance:

I saved the worst for last: the presence of a metal spiral staircase at the front of the property, positioned to the left of the front door. This was introducing unfavourable energy dynamics, disrupting the flow of positive chi. Spiral staircases act as energetic corkscrews, driving energy into the ground. In this case, positive energy was being sucked into the vortex of this staircase and not even making it to the front door!

To mitigate this challenge, we applied a powerful combination of red tape and a hanging crystal. This powerful remedy counteracted the energetic downward spiral caused by the staircase, transforming the space into a harmonious and inviting entryway.

Feng Shui Property sale
Feng Shui Property sale

Results and Testimonial:

Drumroll, please! The implementation of my customised Feng Shui suggestions yielded remarkable results, reinvigorating the property's energy and rekindling buyer interest. Within a mere week of the consultation, after promptly implementing the recommended adjustments, the property sold for an impressive price, surpassing previous offers.


Nick, the real estate maestro, shared his delight: "Hats off to Natalie for her fantastic advice. The sellers loved her knowledge and followed her suggestions to a T, and boom, the property was sold in just 7 days! I highly recommend Natalie and will definitely seek her help again in the future!"


This case study exemplifies the transformative power of Feng Shui in the real estate realm. By sprinkling some Feng Shui "magic" and implementing strategic adjustment and remedies, the property underwent a profound shift, leading to a swift and successful sale.

The collaborative effort between Nick, the real estate virtuoso, the property owners and our esteemed Feng Shui consultancy unlocked the property's true potential, maximising its market appeal.

By harnessing the principles of Feng Shui and addressing specific energetic imbalances, we created a harmonious and inviting space that resonated deeply with potential buyers.


This case study serves as a testament to the extraordinary impact of Feng Shui in the realm of real estate, empowering homeowners and agents alike to harness the power of energy alignment for accelerated sales and remarkable outcomes.

So, if you want to sell a property that's oozing with charm and charisma, let Feng Shui be your secret weapon. It's the key to creating an irresistible space that connects with buyers on a deep level.


This case study is proof that with the right dose of Feng Shui magic, dreams really do come true in the world of real estate.

Suitcase Feng Shui

Empowering the Traveling Soul


Join us on an extraordinary journey as we delve into the realm of Feng Shui and witness its transformative powers on the unlikeliest of objects—a suitcase.


In this captivating case study, we'll share the remarkable story of Kevin, a free-spirited American traveler and relationship coach, who sought the magic of Feng Shui to elevate his nomadic lifestyle and enhance his business. Prepare to be inspired as we unveil the secrets of Feng Shui's influence on Kevin's suitcase and his path to abundance and success.


Client Background:

Meet Kevin, a remarkable individual who had embarked on an extraordinary adventure of self-discovery and service. As an independent relationship coach and karmic healing facilitator, Kevin had sold everything he owned in America, embracing a life of travel and exploration. With his trusty phone as his office, he desired to harness the power of Feng Shui to create harmony and abundance wherever his journey took him.

It Was Destiny:
During a Tony Robbins event, Date with Destiny, where fate intervened, Kevin and I had the pleasure of meeting. Curiosity sparked and I received a message from him shortly after the event, expressing his eagerness to explore the possibilities of Feng Shui and its influence on his nomadic lifestyle. His words, filled with anticipation, echoed: "Hey! What can your magic powers do for me if I were to move around my suitcase? 🤔 I know we talked a bit about it."

Feng Shui Suitcase Money Success Business

Feng Shui for an Adventurous Soul:

I jumped at the challenge to infuse Feng Shui principles into Kevin's suitcase! I knew that Feng Shui could have a profound impact on Kevin's business and travels.

After swiftly applying the Bagua map, we unlocked the secrets of maximising energy flow within his portable sanctuaryWith meticulous attention to detail, I advised Kevin of strategic ways to use small power tools and rearrange his clothes and packing style to align with each sector of the Bagua.


Through this transformative process, we empowered Kevin to create a harmonious environment that radiated abundance and purpose, no matter where his travels took him.

Feng Shui Suitcase abundance, money, business, success
Feng Shui suitcase, money, luck, business success

Supercharging Success:

But our Feng Shui journey didn't end with Kevin's suitcase; we turned our attention to his trusty phone, his gateway to clients and business growth. Drawing on my Feng Shui expertise, I shared invaluable tips to supercharge his phone's energy and attract new clients, paving the way for financial abundance and success.

Feng Shui Suitcase Money Success Business

Immediate and Incredible Results:

With the accurate application of my Feng Shui suggestions, the results were nothing short of extraordinary! The impact was immediate and mind-blowing!


Kevin's journey serves as a testament to the power of Feng Shui in transforming even the smallest aspects of our lives. By infusing intention and harmony into his suitcase and phone, Kevin experienced a profound shift in his abundance and success while travelling the globe. This case study showcases the limitless potential of Feng Shui to empower individuals on their unique paths.

So, whether you're a traveller, a digital nomad, or simply seeking to enhance your daily life, consider the wonders of Feng Shui. With its ancient wisdom and universal principles, it holds the key to unlocking positive energy, prosperity, and alignment with your true potential.

Embark on your own Feng Shui adventure and witness the magic unfold. Connect with us today to discover how Feng Shui can transform your world, whether you're at home or on the go.

Banishing Ghosts

Reviving Love and Prosperity in a Mystical Abode


Embark on a remarkable journey as we delve into the intriguing world of Feng Shui, where we encountered a lovely young couple in Sydney seeking to breathe new life into their apartment.


This captivating case study unveils the fascinating tale of how we banished not just negative energies but also a ghost from their home, all while enhancing their prosperity and relationships through the ancient art of Feng Shui.


Join us as we witness the enchanting transformation that unfolded, infusing harmony and abundance into their lives.


Client Background:

Meet the delightful couple, Adam and Katie, residing in the suburbs of Sydney with their adorable toddler daughter. Intrigued by the possibilities of Feng Shui, they sought my expertise to elevate their prosperity and relationship


"My husband and I were never happy with the way our bedroom felt, and our relationship had been a little strained for a while."


The apartment posed unique challenges, situated amidst an amalgamation of energies, including a local mental hospital, neighbouring a church and a cemetery. Determined, our clients were eager to unlock the power of Feng Shui and create a harmonious sanctuary for their family.

Apartment Background:

Upon entering the street and neighbourhood, I noticed many old and tall houses, which had somewhat of a suppressing effect. It was also challenging to know where to go and how to find the correct entrance and the right apartment. 

It was interesting to learn during the consultation that this entire apartment block used to be a mental hospital / asylum and had been refurbished and repurposed as an apartment complex. Across the road was a large church, down the road was a cemetery and also the new mental hospital. An interesting mix of energies in a very small area.  

Negative Feng Shui church

Prosperity and Relationship Revival:

As we delved into the apartment's energy map, I discovered intriguing aspects affecting my clients' prosperity and relationships.


Their master bedroom, nestled in the Prosperity sector, faced multiple disturbances — a bustling roundabout below the window and a church's poison arrow aimed directly at their bed. A mysterious Fijian axe added to the enigma.

Feng Shui Remedies:

With their best interests at heart, I suggested simple yet impactful remedies to restore balance and harmony.


Recommendations included the addition of a second bedside table in order to bring a sense of equality to their relationship and a number of powerful tools to deflect and protect their bedroom sanctuary against the negative energies from the roundabout and the church's poison arrow.


A thoughtful relocation of the Fijian axe (and a dead-looking light tree) averted harm and restored tranquility.



As well as giving them some further homework to do, we made multiple changes during the consultation, which included repositioning artwork to enhance the energy of love and relationships in the right areas, shifting some furniture to enhance energy flow and rearranging some items, objects and photos and repurposing them to align more directly with my clients' intentions. ​

Banishing the Ghost:

Upon entering the apartment, without my clients even telling me where it was, I felt the energy of the resident "ghost" in the hallway on the other side of the apartment.


Approaching this with sensitivity, as each case is unique, I could sense the energy of the "ghost" was confused and lost. I engaged in a compassionate conversation, calming its confusion and guiding it to find a peaceful place outside their home. A unique remedy provided a gentle farewell, easing the couple's concerns.


Transformative Results:

The aftermath of our Feng Shui interventions was nothing short of extraordinary. I was delighted to receive an email the next day: "We definitely have noticed a change in energy, especially around and in our bedroom. The hallway doesn't feel spooky anymore!"


Their relationship bloomed, resonating with newfound love and respect. The young daughter playfully embraced the transformed space and even their business endeavours flourished with fresh motivation and passion.

It was wonderful to receive a heartfelt message from our clients expressing their profound gratitude for the positive shift in their lives. They joyfully attested to the effectiveness of Feng Shui, embracing its wisdom and embracing harmony and abundance within their sanctuary.

"Natalie support[ed] us through making some improvements that we have felt have made a pretty significant impact on our lives.


Those changes have helped us to feel more content in our space, and more content in our relationship.


I cant explain it really, except that it really works! I am now a firm believer in Feng Shui.


Our family bond has been stronger, our respect for one another has been higher, our little daughter is no longer terrorising our room, and we generally just feel a greater sense of peace and harmony within our space, and within our relationship.


We have noticed a shift in our motivation, our passion for our business and generally have felt a contentedness that we simply haven't felt for a very long time."


The Banishing Ghosts case study showcases the boundless power of Feng Shui in nurturing relationships, fostering prosperity, and evoking serenity.


At the crossroads of history and modernity, our clients discovered the transformative energy of Feng Shui, harmonising their home and hearts.


Whether it's a thriving apartment, a cozy home, or a nomadic journey, embrace the magic of Feng Shui and unlock the potential for an enriched and fulfilled life.

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