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5 Easy Must-Know Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui is a very intricate and detailed practice. Combining features of astrology, numerology, topography, geomancy and more, it is about much more than just arranging furniture in a house! Only when all of these features are taken into account and applied correctly can the best results be achieved.

There is a lot of information on the internet regarding Feng Shui. Sure, it's easy enough to apply a few tips and tricks here and there, but what happens when one source of information conflicts with another? Many people have shared with me their confusion when it comes to applying Feng Shui DIY style; "I read that I should put this here, but then I read that it should go there instead!"

Let's remove the confusion. Let's make it simple.

Here are 5 easy-to-follow must-know Feng Shui tips.

(They are also my 5 favourite must-know tips!)

Tip #1. Declutter

This is the number one tip for enhancing Feng Shui within ANY space! What is Decluttering? First of all, decluttering does not mean throwing everything out or moving it just for the sake of moving it!

Decluttering is sorting through what you have, deciding what you really want to keep and then finding a place for it to "live" within your space.

feng shui decluttered room prosperity

Why Declutter?

Decluttering is the best thing you can do to begin experiencing results. If nothing else, you will immediately create a refreshed and renewed atmosphere and will welcome new energy into the space.

This makes room for new ideas, opportunities, perspectives and inspiration.

The problem with clutter is that it blocks energy from flowing and from reaching every area within a home or business environment. Blocked or restricted energy flow on a physical level can lead to blocked or restricted flow of money, health, new opportunities and more. Anything that is broken or not working is also classified as clutter - either fix it or toss it. When energy is flowing, you also feel like you're in a state of flow! You know the feeling when you're manifesting like a boss and things just seem to be going well without you having to try? You get all the green lights, or you think of wanting a change and a new opportunity appears almost immediately? That's flow!

Tip #2. Make Sure Your Front Door is Easy to Find and Access

In Feng Shui the Front Door plays an important role. It is referred to, in Feng Shui terms, as the "Mouth of Chi". This is where Chi (energy) enters a space.

What If We Use The Side Door or Back Door to Enter?

feng shui pink front door

In Feng Shui, the Front Door is always the intended front door of the space - you know, usually the one that faces the street or has a door knocker or door bell or something! Ideally, you should use the Front Door to enter any space.

It is possible in some circumstances that the intended Front Door is on the side of a house or building. In some cases, this can change the orientation of the Feng Shui Bagua when it is applied to such a space, but that's a discussion for another time!

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Why the Front Door Should Be Easy to Find

As mentioned above, the Front Door is considered to be the "Mouth of Chi". In Feng Shui, Chi (or energy) is the source of everything. Positive Chi is associated with health, wealth, happiness, love, prosperity, luck, fortune, creativity, etc. and the Front Door is where all of this Chi enters the home / business / building etc.

feng shui front doors

Obviously we want to encourage positive Chi into any space and that is where applying Feng Shui is important. The many goals of Feng Shui include bringing balance and harmony, increasing energy flow, harnessing positive energy and deflecting negative energy, among others. If the Front Door is easy to find and access, money, health, vitality, wellbeing, fortune, harmony etc. can find and access us easily, too!

How Do I Make My Front Door Easy to Find and Access?

Put simply, if people can find and access your space and your Front Door easily, so can Chi! First of all, it pays to make sure the street number of the house / unit / building AND / OR the name of a business is clear and easy to see from the street.

feng shui house number

If you moved house and invited friends over for the first time, you would want them to be able to find your place easily. Having a clearly visible house number on the letterbox, fence or front wall is very handy!

Likewise, if you run a business, you certainly want customers to be able to find you! Clear signage is a MUST!

Secondly, the pathway to the door should be clear and the door itself easy to see and access (eg. no bushes or trees blocking the path or door).

Have you been to (or seen) a house with an overgrown front garden and wondered where the Front Door was?

feng shui front door

Additionally, if the Front Door is on the side of the building, make sure people know where to find it. It may even be worth putting a small sign out the front with an arrow pointing towards the Front Door.

I had a friend who lived in a house with the Front Door half way down the side of the house. I remember the first time I visited, I was met at the front with a brick wall and a garage. It didn't look like the side of the house was even accessible, let alone like the Front Door would be down there!

(Remember, you may know where your Front Door is, the idea is to make it easy for other people and Chi to find).

Thirdly, I recommend checking that GPS apps and devices like Apple Maps or Google Maps lead to the correct place.

As a Feng Shui Master, a couple of times I have been led on wild goose chases by GPSs on the way to houses and businesses to consult! (Before you ask, yes, I had entered the address correctly)!

I remember one particular house was down the end of a very, very windy street. The GPS announced "You have arrived at your destination" and it was the completely wrong house number! I had to travel about another 1.5km down the road until I arrived at the correct place!

Tip #3. Ensure Your Front and Back Doors Don't Line Up

Or apply remedies if they do! This is to do with Chi flow.

feng shui front and back doors line up

As mentioned above, Chi enters through the Front Door ("Mouth of Chi") and, naturally, it exits out the back door.

When a Front and back door line up, this symbolises the Chi (and often money) coming into the space...and running straight out the back door! This often results in depleted bank accounts and money going out as fast as it comes in!

People with this configuration may find themselves struggling to save money and build wealth.

Ideally, this arrangement would not exist, however, some architects seem to think it is a good idea. If in your home or business space the Front and back doors do line up, there are remedies that can be applied. Often a crystal, a makeshift wall or petition and sometimes even certain furniture items can be positioned in such a way to help slow the flow and prevent money rushing out.

Tip #4. Place Your Bed in the Command Position - and Your Desk too!

This is such an important Feng Shui tip and one I advise to apply in nearly every consultation! The bed, desk and stove occupy what are called "power positions". It is worth noting that these three items compete with each other, so having a desk in the bedroom is not recommended. A desk in the bedroom can also blur the lines between work and personal life and relationships as well.

feng shui desk command position

In Feng Shui, it is highly recommended and ideal to place beds, desks and stoves in the "Command Position".

What is the Command Position?

In the Command Position, you have a solid wall behind you and you are facing, but not directly in line with the door.

This may not always be achievable, although it is recommended to get as close to this position as possible.

Why the Command Position is Important Being in this position instills a feeling of control over your life. Nothing can sneak up on you, you can see opportunities and challenges ahead of time and handle them head-on. The Command Position sits you at the Control Panel of your life.

Having a solid wall behind you means that nothing can sneak up on you.

feng shui bed command position

While sleeping, we are extremely vulnerable. Having the head of your bed against a solid wall gives a sense of security and safety, allowing you to sleep more deeply. On a practical level, it also means you are less likely to be disturbed.

Similarly, in business, having a solid wall at your back helps to eliminate things sneaking up on you. It stops you being blindsided, backstabbed or talked about behind your back.

Facing, but not directly in line with the door means that you can see anything oncoming or approaching. Again, while sleeping and vulnerable, it enhances a sense of security, allowing us a chance to respond or react to any potential oncoming threats.

In business, this key position increases productivity and creativity and allows us to see any opportunities and challenges oncoming, giving us time to prepare and respond, rather than having them take us by surprise.

(Before meeting me, of course), my partner had the head of his bed against the same wall as the door to his room - a big Feng Shui no-no! He felt like he had things and people constantly hanging over his head, he felt overwhelmed, stressed and nearly never slept through the night. It took a little bit of time (and some gentle encouragement from me) until he eventually followed my suggestion and repositioned his bed into the Command Position.

Since doing so, he has taken more initiative, feels more in control of his life, feels like he can deal with people and situations that trigger him much more calmly and effectively and certainly sleeps better at night.

Tip #5. Have Matching Bedside Tables

This is more-so for anyone who is in or looking for a relationship, but it applies to everybody.

If you are looking for a relationship, this is my most recommended tip!

feng shui bed matching bedside tables

A friend of mine was wanting to attract a relationship for ages. I kept telling her to get matching bedside tables whenever she would mention it. About a year went by of her telling me she wanted a relationship and me telling her to get matching bedside tables until eventually she did. The next week she had a boyfriend! Why matching bedside tables?

A lot of people ask me, "do they have to be matching?" The answer is "YES!" Matching bedside tables are, first of all, a pair. Think about it, a relationship (that is not polyamorous) is usually between 2 people - a pair of people - so pairs are powerful tools for attracting relationships. A matching pair (of nightstands) invites into your life someone whose values match yours.

Matching bedside tables also create equality. They represent that both partners are equal and the needs and desires of both are valued equally by the other person.

In saying that, if you are single - or in a relationship for that matter - and have matching bedside tables, yet one has a pile of stuff on it and the other is bare, this can symbolise one person being more important than the other or that person putting other things before their partner and the relationship.

The idea is to have matching nightstands, so make sure any lamps or accessories are the same on both sides and that the nightstands remain free from clutter.

There you have it! My favourite 5 easy must-know Feng Shui tips!

As a certified Feng Shui Master, having done this for over 12 years, I absolutely love what I do! Sharing Feng Shui is my passion and I love educating people on it. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and if you want or need any help applying Feng Shui to your own space, feel free to get in touch, I'm here to help! You can reach me at


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