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Bedheads and Bed Hair? Or Lack Thereof...?

Could there be a correlation between having a bedhead and being in a relationship?

***Read on to see my most valuable tips for the bedroom!***

As you may know, I am currently in the United States doing a Feng Shui Master Consultant Course!

During the seminar today, a statistic came up that at a previous conference, a large number of women who were single did not have bedheads.

Being curious, I put out the question on my personal Facebook, asking my friends for their relationship status and whether they have a bedhead. I am still waiting for statistically significant results, but there does seem to be a correlation between having a bedhead and being in a relationship!

Let me elaborate on beds and bedheads and their importance for a minute…

For one thing, beds hold what are called power positions within a home. Objects that hold power positions have strong connotations and associations attached to them. In the case of beds, they are strongly associated with sleep, relaxing, intimacy and connection.

As humans, we are also most vulnerable when we are sleeping.

The ideal placement for a bed in a bedroom is to have the head of the bed against a solid wall, with the foot of the bed facing, but not directly in line with, the door.

Essentially, you want to have a solid wall behind you so nothing can sneak up on you and you want to be able to see anyone or anything approaching you.

Having a solid wall behind you, also gives the feeling of support.

A bedhead does the same thing.

A strong, solid, supportive bedhead symbolises having a supportive partner in a relationship.

Even if you love being single and value being independent, many of us, on some level, do want someone who will be there beside us and who will support us.

Because the bedroom - in particular the master bedroom - is the “relationship room” of the house, the objects and their placement within these rooms has a strong impact on the state of the relationship of the people living in the house.

Tips for the master bedroom:

1. Have matching bedside tables This fosters a sense of equality in the relationship, where each partner is loved equally and their needs are equally important. It prevents one person from becoming more important or more dominant than the other. Make sure the items on these bedside tables are relatively even. i.e. don’t have one table full or covered with stuff and the other one empty and bare.

2. Add a bedhead This can provide a feeling of extra support and a feeling of protection. The higher the bedhead, the stronger the support! It may also help you attract a relationship with a supportive partner! Perhaps you are in a relationship but don't feel entirely supported by your partner? See if adding a bedhead makes any difference. Just be sure to avoid metal bedheads, as metal can symbolise cutting or slicing. Having a metal bedhead can cause anxiety as well as headaches, migraines, tiredness and other head issues.

3. Avoid mirrors Especially mirrors opposite the end of the bed. Mirrors at the end of the bed can symbolise bringing a third person into the relationship. If you have a mirror anywhere in the bedroom, remove it, hide it or cover it up at night if possible.

​4. Ideal bed positioning Ideally, position the head of the bed against a solid wall, with the foot of the bed facing, but not in line with, the door. Avoid putting the head of the bed against the same wall as the door or under a window.

5. Opt for a relaxing colour pallet Avoid bright, stimulating colours. The bedroom is a place for relaxation and connection. Avoid combining greys and browns as well as blues and reds (including in kids rooms).

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