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How Your Christmas Tree Can Enhance Your Feng Shui

Christmas, for many, is a joyous time, spent with family, friends and loved ones, exchanging presents and presence.

At this time of year, it is common to see Christmas trees - large and small - beautifully decorated with ornaments, lights and tinsel...but who would have thought a Christmas tree could have an impact on the Feng Shui of a home?

It's possible that a Christmas tree can have positive effects in the East (Family), Southeast (Prosperity/Abundance) and even the South (Fame and Reputation) sectors. Trees and plants, in Feng Shui, represent the element of wood, which is the supporting element for the East (Family) and Southeast (Prosperity/Abundance) sectors. Placing a Christmas tree (even a fake one) in either of these sectors, will help to strengthen and enhance positive energy in these areas of the home and in these areas of your life. The element of wood can also assist in strengthening and enhancing the South (Fame and Reputation) sector's element of fire and can therefore help to promote positive effects for this area of life as well.



The East sector is associated with Family and Community. A tree here is quite fitting, especially one that gathers a family together, such as a Christmas tree.

Keeping the Christmas tree in this sector may help to enhance family relationships even more, creating a sense of harmony, connection and togetherness. The notions of family, of sharing and of spending time with loved ones at Christmas will all be accentuated with a Christmas tree in this area of the home.

It can help to bring families back to their roots and their ancestry in a loving and inviting way, growing the family tree even more.

Tip: For added effectiveness, enhance using a green - and if possible, living - tree and green, brown, blue and wooden decorations.



The Southeast sector corresponds to Prosperity, Wealth and Abundance, particularly in relation to assets and savings.

If a Christmas tree is placed in this sector, presents accumulating underneath the tree can represent abundance, wealth and money also accumulating.

The yang energy of the tree will promote the energy of growth, as well as money, wealth and assets moving in a positive, upward direction. The symbolism of the tree could also extend to money and assets becoming deeply rooted and creating a strong financial foundation.

(If you're anything like our family and like to extend the Christmas celebrations for a few extra months by leaving the tree up, just imagine the ongoing, positive effects this could be having on your finances!)

Tip: For added effectiveness, use a green, living tree (if possible) and enhance with purple, green, gold and wooden decorations!



Finally, the South sector relates to Fame and Reputation and Status - AKA: how people see you and how you show up in the world. This relates to personal, as well as, career, business or professional settings.

The element for this sector is fire, which can be represented by, well, beautiful flashing lights, such as those found on a Christmas tree!

In addition, to strengthen the fire element of this sector - just as we would strengthen a real fire - we can add wood, in the form of a Christmas tree! The wood element in Feng Shui, fuels the fire element, so adding the tree here can help to enhance this area even further.

Again, the wood element, in the form of the tree, will promote the positive, upward and yang energy of growth. This could represent moving up in the world or in social contexts, or even up the ladder in the aspect of career. Christmas is such an iconic holiday around the world and one that is recognised by nearly everyone. Wouldn't it be desirable to be iconic and recognised, both in your personal and professional life?

These positive traits may possibly be transferred to your reputation and image, both personally and professionally, by keeping your Christmas tree in this area!

If your friends and family notice your Christmas tree, it could translate to them noticing you in a way they haven't previously - and in a positive light!

Tip: For added effectiveness, again, if possible, use a green and living tree and decorate the tree with red, green and wooden ornaments and lots of lights. Adding candles in this area can be helpful too.


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