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Want More Money NOW? Do This One Thing!

Want more money NOW?! Do this one thing right now!

I'm not one to believe in a single, immediate fix; Feng Shui is highly complex, with many levels and its focus is on creating flow and balance. Drastically enhancing solely one area - even in a positive way - creates an imbalance in the areas that have not been given the same amplification and attention.

Feng Shui works most optimally when it is incorporated and applied, at all its levels and in all areas of a space or environment. This is the best way to achieve remarkable and lasting results that compound over time.

Anyway, this is one quick fix you can do, to pretty immediately increase your income and money!

Simply, add water!

But not just anywhere...

Example of Excellent Water Feature for North Sector

水 (Shui) means water in Chinese and water represents money and fortune in Feng Shui. One of the most powerful elements, both in nature and also in Feng Shui. The North sector of the home corresponds with Career and Life Path. This sector relates to your career, your business (success), life path, ambitions/goals and opportunity. However, it also relates to money generation and income. This is a major key sector of your life right here, supported by one of the most powerful elements! (Hint: Power is key here). The element for the North sector is water. Are you starting to see the connection? Adding water here will immediately enhance this area and fill it with positive energy.

Tips for adding water:

1. Size Matters - Bigger is Better Here, size matters. BIGGER is better and the more yang (big, powerful, loud, upward flowing) the water, the more money energy it will attract! Think of pumping water as pumping money into your space - and into your life! (Think Bellagio Fountains!)

Example of Yang Water Feature

2. Yang Water In the balance of yin and yang, the yin represents still, small, soft, quiet, dark, sad, depressed, down, low energy, cold, death, introverted, antisocial, timid and so on. Yang energy on the other hand, represents loud, outgoing, bold. tenacious, movement, dynamicism, happiness, big, high energy, light, life, bright, up, social, etc. Quite a contrast. In terms of money, would you rather a little bit of stagnant, small, quiet, soft, scarce pocket money trickling in? Or would you rather have ample abundance, large amounts of money flowing in constantly and quickly, big, bright, bold, loud money? It doesn't matter which one you'd rather have, but it does determine your choice of water feature...The more yang the water, the more money. Yang water: upward flowing, powerful jets (think Bellagio fountains!), moving, big, loud, bright and lit up at night, tall, high, a large amount of water - not trickles - overflowing! Get creative!

3. Flowing

Example of Flowing Water Feature

As explained above, flowing, moving water is ideal, as it stimulates energy flow, which in turn, can assist money flow. While you want water to be flowing, be careful it does not become tumultuous water, Have a directional flow rather than a random one. This is discussed more in the next point. Tumultuous water can symbolise and create turmoil, stress, overwork and worry in relation to finances and life.

Example of directing energy and money using water

3. Direction Water direction is important. You want a clear direction in life, a clear career path and business trajectory. Use water to help create this! Your job, career or business is the source of your income. There is no point when the money you earn is flowing out just as quickly - or even faster - than it flows in.

Water can be a powerful tool for directing money. Direct the water (and money) in the direction you want it to go - towards the house, towards you. You also do not want water to be spiralling downwards into a drain or into the ground. This can symbolise as much for your life, money and career. Instead, have water that moves in an upwards direction (at least initially).

4. Imagery and Symbolism I'd hope this one would be mostly self-explanatory. As mentioned above, you want water flowing upwards and not spiralling down into a hold or into the ground. Also, water features with a person who looks like they are straining, or stressed, or whose body language is hunched over and closed down can symbolise stress, overwork and tiredness in personal and professional life. If you have a statue water feature, choose one with a happy vibe, or a person who is smiling!

5. Clear Ensure the water is clear and clean; you don't want dirty money coming in! 6. IT MUST BE WORKING! Broken water features can also represent money problems. Stagnant water symbolises stagnant money. Water feature not working, you or someone in your house is unemployed...not working...get where I'm going with this? There's not much, which is more of an eyesore, than a beautiful water feature that is old and dried out, or that has that last little bit of dirty, greeny-black water in it filled with sediment, yuck! At least clean it out if you're not using it! Fill it with small glass pebbles or smooth, black stones. These items will also symbolically enhance the water element. An empty fountain or water feature or even water container of any kind symbolises an empty life and an empty bank account.

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