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3 Things to Avoid for Good Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the art of arranging objects within space to enhance energy flow and improve

different areas of your life. Since each area of a space relates directly to an area of your life - such as money, relationships, career, status, etc. - it is important to create an environment that is as auspicious as possible and one that positively supports you.

There are many things that can impact the Feng Shui of a space - positively and negatively.

Here are three Feng Shui no-nos to avoid and tips to counteract them!

1. Front and Back Doors Lining Up This is one of the biggest - and, perhaps, most well-known - things to avoid in Feng Shui. I get asked a lot if it is "bad Feng Shui" to have the front and back doors of a dwelling directly in line with each other. The answer is YES!

Front and back doors lining up - photo credit @studioantonini on IG

Having the front and back entrances line up represents money flowing in the front door and straight out the back door (and out of your bank account!)

If this is the case in your space, remedy by blocking the line between the doors with a wall or petition. Use items of furniture if a wall or petition is not feasible (be sure not to completely block the walkway, but obscure it enough to slow and deter energy (money) from easily escaping.

Alternatively, placing eye-catching objects in line of peripheral vision can help to distract energy and alter its course away from the back door. Finally, hanging a crystal between the two entrances will aid in dispersing energy evenly through the space, also disrupting the flow of energy towards the back door.

2. Having the Head of your Bed Against the Same Wall as the Door

This is another no-no in Feng Shui. This goes for any inauspicious positioning of the bed for that matter!

Cat on bed

The bed should always be placed in the command position (facing but not directly in line with the door and supported by a solid wall behind). Also avoid placing your bed beneath a window. These positions can be conducive to interrupted and broken sleep.

This also relates to our animal instincts - having a solid wall behind us creates a sense of security that nothing / no one can creep up on us unexpectedly and, correspondingly, facing the door allows us to see any oncoming threats or anyone approaching.

3. Clutter! You've probably heard me say time and time again that decluttering is the absolute best thing you can do to immediately improve your Feng Shui!!!

Clutter is anything that is not used (or worn) regularly, broken items - even if you are intending to fix them(!) - anything that doesn't have a "home", as such, in the space - i.e. items that get left lying around because they don't have a spot where they are consistently stored - and anything you no longer require or need.

Clutter restricts and reduces movement and flow within a space. It also represents blocks in our own lives; old belief and thought patterns that no longer serve us or propel us in the direction we wish to head, things from the past that we are holding onto that consume space and do not allow for new, wonderful things to enter our lives and our experience.

I'm sure you can guess the remedy for this one - declutter!

Donate any old clothes you no longer wear or that no longer fit you, throw out anything broken or badly damaged or actually get it repaired, clean out that room where clutter always seems to accumulate, find a "home" for those displaced items that keep appearing in random places, keep the space clean and clear. Clear out anything you no longer need, require or use. Focus on the room this will create for new, exciting people, places and experiences to enter your life!


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