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How to Feng Shui Your Way to Christmas!

It's official: only 22 more sleeps until Christmas!

22 Sleeps until Christmas

Undoubtedly, with only 22 sleeps to go, the Christmas decorations are going up in preparation for festive celebrations - and of course the arrival of Santa, presents, family and friends.

Lights, tinsel, decorations, "Santa, stop here!" signs, Christmas trees and more! So many decorations and so little space!

So where is the ideal location for different Christmas decorations?

In our family, we don't go overboard with decorations; our Christmases are pretty low key.

We have a tree, which goes up in November (sometimes December) and comes down in April and some years we might add some tinsel to the banister of the stairs or maybe some lights out the front, which then become a permanent fixture on the house.

For many years we put the tree up in the same place, because that's where it had always gone. However, every year the question was still asked, "where do you think the tree should go this year?"

As the Feng Shui Master of the family, I have finally settled this annual debate once and for all, identifying the ideal and most auspicious locations for all your Christmas decorations!

If you celebrate Christmas, here is the ultimate guide to preparing and decorating your house in line with Feng Shui.

Here's how to Feng Shui Your Way to Christmas!


Christmas lights can be a simple yet beautiful way to decorate your home or business for Christmas (and even all year 'round).

Christmas Lights

These are best placed in the South.

In Feng Shui, lights represent the Fire Element, which corresponds with the South sector.

The South relates to Fame and Reputation and influences how people see you and how you show up in the world.

Some bright, glowing Christmas lights can be just the thing to boost your status, success, personal and professional image and reputation.

(Please note: you don't have to go all out like the family in this gif did! This is next level!)

If you're a business, you are probably familiar with the post-Christmas lull; those first few months of the new year when things are generally more quiet...Everyone has spent money on holidays, presents and Boxing Day sales and it takes a few months before business begins picking up again.

Adding lights in the South can help to keep customers coming! Stay ahead of your competition and continue attracting clients even when sales are slower.

"Welcome Santa!" or "Santa, Stop Here!" Signs

If you have kids, these signs can be great fun to display out the front of the house, which is exactly where they should go!

Santa Stop Here Sign

The front door of the house is called "the Mouth of Chi" in Feng Shui terms. This means, it is where energy enters the home - and any building for that matter!

The pathway to the door should be clear and the door itself easy to find. This makes easy access for Santa (as well as positive energy and MONEY!)

A "Stop here, Santa" or similar sign can be a fantastic tool for ushering in positive energy, health and prosperity.

It is eye-catching and is literally telling the energy to "Stop here! Come inside!" This is excellent for improving your Feng Shui.

The Christmas Tree

OK, the one you've been waiting for! The tree!

Arguably the most popular and important Christmas decoration of all!

This is best placed in the East or Southeast and here's why!

The East represents Family and the Southeast represents Wealth and Prosperity.

Wood is the Element that enhances both of these areas - and you guessed it - the Christmas tree represents the Wood Element, even if it's a fake tree!

Placing it in the East will enhance family relationships with everyone coming together at Christmas.

(This can be a good option if your family is anything like my dad's side of the family, who can't stand to be in a room together for longer than 5 minutes!)

Alternatively, if wealth is your focus, placing the tree in the Southeast can promote prosperity, wealth and abundance in any space. The tree with all its glamorous and shiny decorations - along with the presents underneath it - ushers in and attracts abundance, wealth and fortune!

The same principle applies to the stockings!

Advent Calendar

This one is a bit more obscure. Generally these are either stuck to the fridge or hidden away and brought out once a day for the kids to enjoy their Christmas countdown treat!

In terms of Feng Shui, this isn't a majorly important item, however, I thought I would include it, as many families partake in this (commercialised) tradition.

The Northeast relates to Wisdom, Skills, Knowledge and Spirituality. If you have kids and are interested in teaching them patience as a skill, I would recommend keeping the advent calendars here.


This may sound like an overused term in Feng Shui, however it is THE MOST POWERFUL TOOL for INSTANTLY enhancing the Feng Shui of any space.

Leading up to Christmas can be a great time to go through current possessions and let go of (or even regift) anything that you don't use or need.

Minimism is very popular and trending at the moment.

Donate kids clothes or toys that aren't worn or played with anymore. Rewrap that ugly vase you were given 3 Christmases ago that you've hidden away in a cupboard or box and never used.

Decluttering is a fantastic and highly effective way to clear out old energy (and old belongings) to make space for new, positive energy and new presents!

Christmas is a time of giving. Charities such as the Salvation Army, The Smith Family, Magic Moments Basket Brigade, Orange Sky Laundry and more run Christmas appeals, helping those in need who often go without on Christmas day. This can be a wonderful and rewarding way to pass on anything unworn, unused or not needed and to contribute to Australians who are less fortunate.


In Australia, not many of us use fireplaces at Christmastime! However, they can still be enhanced to double and triple wealth and prosperity!

The tradition is to hang stockings on the mantle or above the fireplace, so it is still a key feature when talking Christmas.

Adding a mirror above the fireplace can enhance positive energy within the home, make the space feel even more warm and welcoming and can also increase prosperity as an added bonus!

The same can be done with the stove. Adding a mirror behind the stove (or even better, a mirror splash-back) is said to double the wealth of the family.

The Cookies and Beer - I Mean, Milk

These treats will have very little affect on the overall Feng Shui of your space! I just wanted to add them! Make sure they are easy for Santa to find and difficult for the pets to get to.

Remember to leave the carrots out for the reindeer as well!

Most of all, wishing everyone a safe, happy and joyous holiday season!

Feng Shui Your Way supports multiculturalism and acknowledges differences in cultural and religious beliefs. This article is intended for those who choose to celebrate Christmas and is not intended to offend anybody of a non-Christian background or anybody who does not celebrate Christmas.

Feng Shui Your Way wishes everybody a safe, happy and joyous holiday season.


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