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What is Feng Shui?

No, it's not voodoo or hocus pocus.

Feng Shui is the art of decluttering and intentionally arranging objects within space  to enhance energy flow in areas of the home that correspond with areas of one's life. 

This ancient practice acknowledges the interconnected relationship that exists between a space and its occupant(s); our homes are a reflection of us and we are also a reflection of them. Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that focuses on enhancing this relationship even more to foster positive outcomes in one's life.

How Can Feng Shui Help Me?

Do you want more money? Are you looking for a meaningful and fulfilling relationship? Do you seek to accelerate your career success or even make a career change? Maybe you are looking to start a new business or increase the success of your current business? Do you want better health? Do you want to travel more? Improve your focus and study efficiency or learn and develop a new skill? 

Feng Shui is about creating a home where you love every room and a space that intentionally and positively supports you. Incorporating Feng Shui within the home can procure benefits for every aspect of life; from wealth and relationships, to health and career success.

In a business environment, Feng Shui can help expand your customer base, enhance the reputation of your company, increase your sales, income and profit and take the success of your business to new levels. Who doesn't want to be happy, successful, healthy, wealthy and loved?

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About Natalie

Natalie is a multilingual, qualified Feng Shui Master Consultant who has expertise in traditional Chinese Feng Shui (including Form School, Compass school, 8 Mansion and Flying Star Feng Shui) as well as Tibetan Black Hat Feng Shui.


Natalie has been using Feng Shui in her personal life for over 9 years and has experienced remarkable and often immediate results from the practice.


She loves sharing her experience and passion for Feng Shui with others and has helped friends, family and clients to improve their relationships, prosperity, health and happiness through incorporating Feng Shui into their lives.

Why Choose Me?

I have nearly a decade of experience using Feng Shui and helping people achieve success from incorporating it into their lives. I have expertise in both traditional Chinese Feng Shui as well as Tibetan Black Hat Feng Shui. I bring a vibrant and youthful energy to the Feng Shui practice. I won't force you to do anything or make any changes that you don't want to make. The entire time I work WITH you to achieve the results that YOU want and I tailor each consultation to meet YOUR specific needs and requirements. I love what I do and that passion and enthusiasm shines through in every consultation. I speak five languages including Mandarin Chinese and I have a strong background in Chinese culture. Feng Shui has been a passion of mine for almost 10 years and it is my passion and purpose to share it with others and help them harness its benefits.

Feng Shui Your Way to health, wealth, success, love and happiness now!

"Feng Shui is a living skill. There's an art to it. It's scientific; it's mathematical and at times it's logical - with an element of magic"
~ Lucy Deslandes

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