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Unlock the Hidden Potential: Sell Your House Faster and with Feng Shui Power

Good evening!

If you follow my page on Facebook (, you may have seen that I consulted on a home earlier in the week that is slow to sell.

This house has been on the market a number of times in the last few years, so it appears that there may be a certain energy or a vibe that is possibly deterring or detracting people from purchasing the property or living there.

I was interested to see what I would find, for, as I mentioned in my post prior to the consultation, a number of physical, energetic and environmental factors can influence a house or property.

I want to share my main findings I thought relevant to why the house might not be performing well on the market and some of the remedies I suggested to improve these features of the home and the effect they have on the Feng Shui within the space. I have attached a video at the end of an overall summary as well, but there is bonus content in the article.

Firstly, upon entry to the property, before reaching the front door, there is a spiral staircase to the side, just offset to the left of the front door. Spiral cases are a no-no in Feng Shui. They act as an energetic cork screw, basically drilling a hole in whatever area of your life the staircase falls in.

Remedies include the use of Feng Shui crystals and red tape used in certain ways to lessen the effects of this feature. The ideal solution would be to replace the staircase all together.

The second main finding was the alignment of the front and back doors of the home. In this home, the two are directly in line with each other. In Feng Shui, this symbolises that any energy entering the home simply runs straight out the back door and leaves as quickly as it came.

This is particularly representative of finances and fortune - the connotation is that any money that enters the home runs straight out the back door - and out of your life! This is analogous for any area of your life (health, success, love etc.) and in terms of money, can have a powerful effect on your financial situation and incoming and outgoing funds.

I have suggested one remedy in the below video, another is also to use crystals - again, to assist the energy to spread throughout the entire house and to remain in the house.

(Not the best quality video, sorry guys).

Interestingly, there used to be a frosted glass wall that curved around in the home in front of the front door. This could have possibly been, at one stage, a remedy for the front and back door alignment! (See picture directly below).

In the Health area of the home and bordering the Career and Fame and Reputation areas, is a high slanted ceiling (also depicted in the previous picture).

This can act as an inverted poison arrow*, whereby, instead of shooting negative energy towards a person, gua or object, it actually sucks energy out of the home and out of those particular life areas that that part of the home represents. (I won’t mention the direct effect this had on the person who lived there previously).

Once again, certain crystal remedies can be effective, however covering in the ceiling in some way and levelling it out to prevent the energy being sucked out of the home would be the ideal solution.

These were the major Feng Shui points I picked up that I thought to be the most likely to be affecting the house's saleability. However, I also made some suggestions based on particular features if he house itself.

Additionally, the house was about half to three quarters of the way down a long, curvy, dead end street. The meandering path of the road is great for Feng Shui and for fostering auspicious (beneficial) energy movement, however when a road is rather long and the house falls further down that street, the energy may begin to lose momentum. As a result, the energy that enters the home by the time it reaches that part of the street may not be quite as strong or potent as the energy entering at the beginning of the street.

(Again, sorry for the not-so-great quality)

This is both good and bad, you just have to make sure there is enough energy with enough vibrancy entering the home. Dead-end streets also tend to gather dead (stagnant and dense) energy at the end of them. The energy has nowhere to go and gets trapped at the end of the road. This is one of the reasons that houses at the end of cul de sacs are not ideal.

Some tips to make sure energy can find your home and to help it maintain a balanced momentum:

Have your house number highly visible and have an inviting front entrance where the front door is easy to find.

The house had some good features as well, such as a pool in the front yard (water in the front of the home is beneficial). The kitchen contains elements and colours, which support the gua in which the kitchen fits in this home).

There were also some beautiful and very fitting decorations (featured below) in the Helpful People and Travel area of the home, I'm unsure as to whether they were placed there intentionally or subconsciously and intuitively.

For anyone versed in Feng Shui, you could argue that there is a missing corner of the house, however energetically, it felt more like this was an extension and there were landscape features that completed this missing area and sealed the energetic rectangle.

Overall, a very rewarding and, I believe, worthwhile and healing consultation. I love that with every consultation I get to work with new energy and I am always learning, growing and improving my skills as a consultant. I love what I do and I am so blessed and thankful to be able to change people's lives in sometimes the most subtle but impactful ways. ♥

*Poison Arrow - Streamline of negative energy projected in a specific direction by a corner or point of a building, table, chair, roof, etc.

(Again, sorry guys, not the best quality).

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