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Love, Money and Poison?

Love, Money and Poison?

I consulted for a family recently while I was in Sydney who hired me to help improve their money, love and their master bedroom.

The first thing I noticed as I approached the apartment block, was that it is diagonally opposite a large church.

In Feng Shui, churches can be seen to hold a dominate position and play a dominant role in a neighbourhood. Often, churches are quite big and tall, towering over any buildings that surround them. Energetically, this can create a feeling of inferiority for people who live or work in buildings or houses next to a church. Churches, in a sense, also represent gods, “right” and “wrong” and it is often said that god is always watching and that we are judged and punished for our sins. These associations can create feelings of intimidation, of being watched or judged, being suppressed and of being dominated in surrounding inhabitants. Aesthetically – beautiful – as neighbours…not so great.

In this case, the corner of the church points directly into my clients’ master bedroom window, shooting a poison arrow* straight into their bedroom! (More on this later)

Secondly, there is a busy roundabout at the end of a T-intersection directly outside their apartment. Seemingly there is an argument or commotion here every night and a lot of “near misses” on the roundabout.

Living at the end of T-intersections is not ideal. The long bit of the T creates a runway for energy travelling down it to gain speed. The energy doesn’t always stop at the adjoining road or the top part of the T and can often keep going, full speed, into any houses opposite at the end of the long bit of the T.

The effect is a massive amount of energy travelling at a high speed directly into your home!

(While we want energy to enter the home, a streamline like this can be too much energy and too intense and is not always beneficial).

Shrubs, trees and high fences can help protect against T-intersections. Also keep curtains closed in any rooms that face the street, especially at night to avoid headlights (more energy) shining in.

Additionally, in this neighborhood, there is a mental hospital down the road and a community hall a few doors down. The houses in the area look old and dilapidated, tall, hollow and empty. Rather eerie, really.

My clients’ apartment complex itself used to be a half-way house for people who weren’t quite crazy enough for a mental asylum, yet who weren’t quite well enough for standard treatment. (That’s a lot of crazy energy to deal with!)

Now this might sound like a nice neighbourhood, old houses, living opposite a church with a community hall down the road, but you couldn’t do much worse Feng Shui-wise.

As mentioned above, I was hired to offer Feng Shui advice to my clients with a particular focus on love, money and the master bedroom.

The master bedroom is a very important room in the home.

For one thing, beds hold what are called power positions within a home. Objects that hold power positions have strong connotations and associations attached to them. In the case of beds, they are strongly associated with sleep, relaxing, intimacy and connection.

While it may not necessarily be positioned in the Relationship Gua of the home, the master bedroom is the relationship room of the home and dictates the state of the relationship of those who live there.

Interestingly, in my clients’ home, the master bedroom (which is the relationship / love room of the home and which dictates the nature of the relationship of the inhabitants) is in the Prosperity Gua. So subsequently, the money and love areas of the home are essentially dictated and governed by their master bedroom, with which they were also having some issues. Interesting that all three of these areas of concern were in the same area of the home…

As also mentioned above, the poison arrow created by the corner of the church shoots straight into the master bedroom window.

My clients already had a small barrier against the poison arrow in the form of pot plants on their bedroom balcony, although it was not surprising that a few of these plants were dead.

Luckily, there is also a tree in between the church and their master bedroom, which softens some of the blow, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if that tree falls over in time from the strength of that poison arrow.

To further combat this major poison arrow, I suggested putting these plants in terracotta pots, which would help ground the energy and strengthen the barrier against the poison arrow cast by the church. The plants act as a screen and a protective barrier against the energetic effects of the arrow.

Plants bring new energy of growth and live and upward movement to a space. However, they only do this when they are ALIVE.

We had a case of denial during this consultation. My clients had many plants and of these, only a few were struggling, but when I pointed them out, my client insisted they had one bit of green on them or that they were “just dormant”. Since our consultation, she has advised me that all her plants are alive and thriving!

A further remedy I suggested for the poison arrow and intersection, was to put red tape along the door frames of the glass door leading out to the balcony for added protection.

The red tape will reflect and protect the home from any negative energy cast by the church and also by the chaotic roundabout and T-intersection.

In any bedroom, especially the master bedroom, it is important to have balance. We want to foster the energy of twos and pairs (if you want a relationship that is). The main thing I stipulate for a master bedroom is matching bedside tables - AND MATCHING ITEMS ON THEM! Remember, we are aiming for equality!

People often ask me “does it matter if the bedside tables are different sizes?”

The issue with them being different sizes is that it can mean that one bedside table - and therefore one person in the relationship - is favoured or more important than the other or that their needs come before the other’s. Matching bedside tables foster equality within the relationship, where both parties and their needs are of equal importance, that the love is equal and that they are both equally valued by the other.

As much as possible, you want both bedside tables to look even. For instance, you don’t want one piled up with stuff and the other empty. You also want to have matching lamps, if you have lamps - again to foster equality within the relationship.

In my clients’ home, one of the bedsides had a large orange lamp on it while the other had no lamp. I suggested finding the lamp’s matching partner or buying a new matching pair and relocating the single orange lamp.

I also noticed the husband’s bedside table was squished into a corner of the room between the bed and the wall. I suggested moving the bed about half a meter to the left to allow space to be created between the (right) bedside table and the wall. This change will help to foster an energy of equality and allow energy to flow through the entire space.

Even a small change like this can do wonders for the aesthetics and “feel” of a room. My clients found this made a large difference in the space and it was such an easy change they could implement immediately.

To enhance the relationship side of things even more, we added some photos of my clients (husband and wife) together in the bedroom to bring in their personal energy, as well as the energy of twos, of couples, of pairs, of marriage, of love etc. personal to them.

Hidden in a corner of the room, we found a black and white painting of a single woman who looked like she had been beaten and was crying and even who looked like she was in a jail cell. It looked pretty depressing, but upon looking longer, it appeared that this was a lady who was looking at a reflection of herself in a mirror and admiring herself for her strength and ability to overcome all the challenges she had faced in life. Knowing she is a strong woman who can achieve anything and overcome anything that is thrown at her. (Still not a great painting for the master bedroom, but a much nicer intention and meaning than someone who looked like they had been beaten and was crying - in the RELATIONSHIP ROOM).

My clients also had a small tree sculpture made out of Christmas lights in the bedroom that looked like a dead tree. I suggested moving this to another area of the house or making it look a little bit more alive and actually lighting it up. Additionally, this is a single object. When in a relationship or looking for one, avoid individual single items in the Relationship Gua and master bedroom and instead opt for pairs.

The master bedroom was off-limits to their young toddler. Feng Shui-wise, it is important to not let children’s energy dominate spaces that represent the relationship, as this can energetically symbolise that the child more important than one partner or than the relationship itself.

In saying that, children can bring wonderful energy into spaces with their liveliness and vibrance. Their energy and movement help to clear any stagnant energy and bring new energy. A room will not be the same after a child has left as before they entered! I suggested my clients allow their toddler to spend more time in their bedroom (supervised) and now she is allowed free-reign in their bedroom and they love it!

Moving into the actual Relationship Gua of the home, there was a painting of a single person sitting on the end of the bed alone and crying….I’ll repeat that.

A SINGLE person, sitting on the end of the bed, ALONE and CRYING. In the RELATIONSHIP area…yeah…needless to say that was moved pretty quickly!

We ended up re-intentioning that painting in the Career and Life Path Gua to be someone stripped back to their bare core and essence, exposing their soul, who has removed all the materialistic and artificial layers and masks that we put on to impress other people and who is seriously contemplating their life, doing the self work and figuring out where they want their life to go and what they want in life.

This painting was replaced with another that created an energetic and visual window to the outside world and also to the Relationship Gua. This “window” allowed the energy to release, rather than getting stuck at the end of the hallway and becoming stagnant.

Tips for Master Bedrooms

1. Matching bedside tables This fosters a sense of equality in the relationship, where each partner is loved equally and their needs are equally important. It prevents one person from becoming more important or more dominant than the other.

2. Have matching lamps and bedside items This will again establish a feeling and energy of equality. Of course there will be some items that are different on one partner’s table to the other’s. Just avoid having one piled up with items and one bare.

3. Add space between bedside tables and walls

And also between the bed and the bedside tables. This allows the energy to flow through the entire room and will again foster equality in the relationship as both are given their individual freedom and room to move while still existing within the relationship. It won’t feel so cramped or suffocating.

4. Photos

Add: photos of you and your partner together – if you’re married, add photos of you together on your wedding day, or photos of your anniversaries or first date, whatever you have. Avoid: Make sure the photos have both of you together in them – not you alone as individuals and single people. Also avoid photos with extra people in them, this can symbolise bringing more people into the relationship or that friends or family etc. are equally as important or more important than the relationship you share with your significant other.

If you are single – add photos of couples together cut from a magazine or found on the internet. Avoid having photos of ex-partners and their belongings in this area if you are in a different relationship.

5. Avoid mirrors opposite the end of the bed Mirrors at the end of the bed can symbolise bringing a third person into the relationship. If you have a mirror at the end of your bed, cover it at night if possible.

6. Avoid anything dead or broken This goes for the entire home. If it is dead or broken, revive it, fix it or let it go.

7. Darker tones The bedroom is designed to be a place of relaxation, sleep, intimacy, connection, winding down. For this reason, dark and warm colours are best to help create this kind of atmosphere. Chocolate browns are a favourite. Fluffy pillows and blankets will also help to bring a coziness into the space and bring in relaxing yin energy.

I love every consultation I am privileged to do. As always, we made other changes in the home, however, our main focus was on money, relationships / love and the master bedroom. Funnily (or divinely) enough, the master bedroom – being the relationship room and being positioned in the Prosperity Gua – governs and influences these two areas of their lives.

It was so interesting to work with the many different energies that were possibly contributing to the concerns my clients were having, including the neighbourhood and the state of the neighbourhood – run-down, dilapidated houses, a large, dominating, suppressive, intimidating church that casts a poison arrow straight into my clients’ bedroom, the residual energetic blueprint of the complex having been a halfway house (a whole blog in itself!), a mental hospital down the road and the chaotic roundabout and T-intersection combined in one! That’s a lot going on!

I suggested recommended Feng Shui remedies for these not-so-ideal features and as mentioned above, we moved some items around that were potentially contributing energetically to the concerns my clients were having.

Once again, an amazing consultation.

*Poison Arrow - Streamline of negative energy projected in a specific direction by a corner or point of a building, table, chair, roof, etc. The larger the object / building / structure, the larger the poison arrow it gives off.

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