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How to Instantly Improve Your Office Feng Shui

Whether you’re working from home or you’re back at your office, improving your office feng shui is a great way to add more balance to your life and create a more motivating workspace.

Feng shui is about creating a harmonious environment by arranging a room in relation to the natural flow of energy. Although, there’s much more to it than that.

To better understand feng shui principles and best practices, we’ve reached out to feng shui experts living in San Diego, CA all the way to New York, NY [and Cold Coast, Australia]. Here’s what they had to say to help you instantly improve your office feng shui.

A clutter-free office will help promote productivity and creativity

Possibly the fastest, easiest, and most effective thing you can do to improve your productivity in any space is to declutter. File your paperwork, organize your notes into one place, have a stationary station or holder available, and make sure your desk is clear and easy to access. All these simple steps can help to immediately clear brain fog and mind clutter, increase productivity, and make room for new ideas, new opportunities, and new inspiration to enter. - Feng Shui Your Way

Place your desk in the command position for optimal office feng shui

To be in the power position (or command position), place your desk with your back to a solid wall so that you can see the entire room as well as the door, while not directly facing the door. This will provide you with support and control in your business or studies. - Home Heart Feng Shui

Your desk, whether you have a home office or you’re working from your kitchen table, can be set up in a way to enhance your focus. And wherever you sit, be in the command position. The reason for this, from a feng shui perspective, is so that you see opportunities coming your way. When your back is to the door, things can creep up that can take you by surprise. It’s equally important to have a solid wall behind you as this creates support. - Living Spaces by Vivian

Incorporate house plants into your office feng shui

Create a motivating and enlightening ambiance in your space. Add a small plant on your desk - such as bamboo or a small bonsai money tree - to help enhance wealth, while also giving your space an uplifting feel. Placing it on the far left corner of your desk will help do just that. - Good Ch'i Feng Shui

Find a balance between decor and lighting

Feng shui is, at its core, a balance of yin and yang to harmonize the built environment in support of human endeavors. For good office feng shui, you should find balance between the decor and lighting. Overall dark colors and low lighting is too yin to provide enough support for productivity. Very light and bright spaces can be too yang with unfocused, exhausting energy. A space that provides both yin and yang elements will result in greater focus and productivity, and reduce burn-out rates. - HelenK

Create a home office environment that you enjoy being in

The most important feng shui tip for home offices is to have an office that you love being in. I’ve found that extremely successful people have shiny, uncluttered, good-looking desks, and objects surrounding themselves that they love. For great office feng shui, you should too. - Dianne Lawson

Avoid working directly under a ceiling beam

Both Feng Shui and Vastu warn against placing your desk chair directly below a ceiling beam, which has an oppressive vibrational influence. There are enough causes of stress today without arranging your workspace directly under one, so have a smooth ceiling overhead. Face north, northeast, or east at your work area to increase mental clarity, energy, and creativity. - Transcendence Design

Think like an emperor: treat your office like one big throne

It’s ideal to have a supportive wall behind you (the back of the throne), a balanced amount of objects or furniture placed spaciously on either side of your desk (the seat of the throne flanked by two supportive arms), and be able to have an open, pleasant view ahead of you (of your kingdom). - Aubrey Thorne

Incorporate crystals to improve your office feng shui

Add crystals to your desk according to feng shui principles for double the benefits. Citrine for wealth (upper left corner of the desk), Fluorite for inspirations (lower right corner), & Carnelian for fame (upper middle section). - Susan M. Chu

Timely feng shui is key

The energy in your environment changes every year, so make your office feng shui current by working in one of the annual power sectors. From February 4, 2020 until February 2, 2021 work in the Northwest and Northeast areas of your home to boost prosperity and cash flow, and utilize the West and Southeast areas for greater recognition and promotion. - Beth Grace Feng Shui

Carefully choose colors in your office space

The use of color has a great impact on work

efficiency. Light colors should be used to relieve stress in a busy and intense office environment, and strong colors should be used to stimulate in an environment where work is more informal. Specifically, the color should be coordinated with the five elements to promote the efficiency of the work. If your home office is in the east and north of the house, green and blue should be used as the main colors of the office. An office in the south should be purple, and in the northwest should be white or light brown. - FD Feng Shui Consultant

Pay attention to your chair positioning and the space around it

You should have ample space to move around freely. If your back is close to a wall, make sure to have enough room to get in and out easily from the desk. There’s no need to struggle when you’re in command of your career. - Zenotica

Create balance in your life by having a balanced workspace

If your personal and professional front is balanced, you’ll certainly feel motivated about other aspects of life. For good office feng shui and a balanced life, you should balance your work desk. This can be done by bringing in all five elements together. This could be as simple as adding bamboo, displaying your achievements or certificates, including a family picture, having a blue water bottle out, and a ceramic coffee mug. - Ask Manisha

Choose a wood desk to promote good office feng shui

When it comes to office feng shui, wood is the best material for your desk. Its energy is about nourishment, growth, and stable vibrancy unlike a glass desk, which allows energy to drop through and is distracting. - Lovelight Home Design

Lighting is imperative

Natural light is always preferable, but if it’s not possible, full-spectrum is the next best thing since yellow-tinted and fluorescent lights can make us feel dull and fatigued. Designing your office with proper lighting improves your awareness and concentration so that you can complete tasks with plenty of mental energy. - Simply Refreshing Feng Shui

Avoid facing sharp edges

When selecting a desk position in your home office, you should avoid facing any sharp corners or edges as it could cause you to experience obstacles or challenges at work. - Master David Goh, - Imperial Harvest

Focus on creating a sense of calm in your office space

To improve your office feng shui, hanging a picture of the ocean, rivers, or nature can help induce calm and clear mental stress. Keeping your workspace clutter-free and tidying your space regularly will help reduce fatigue and stress. Having a small, healthy potted plant at the window area can help uplift your energy and encourage calm as well. - Master Clarice Chan

Originally published by Redfin


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