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Why It is Important to Consult a Feng Shui Professional

Congratulations on taking the first few steps into the world of Feng Shui!

It's wonderful to know you have taken an interest in this magical art!

Whether you have just begun learning about Feng Shui or you have been applying it for years, eventually you may have some questions that the internet can't answer. Or, maybe, you might find different answers to the same question.

Depending on how long you have been researching Feng Shui, you may know that there are many different forms, or "schools", of Feng Shui and that each has its own unique application. Some may be easier to follow and apply than others, however, applying one alone or parts of different ones, will not get the best result.

The more you look into Feng Shui, the more you may come to discover how detailed, intricate and complex it actually is! It is much about more than moving furniture around your house! This is what I love bout Feng Shui and I love sharing my passion and knowledge to help create positive change for others in their lives and spaces.

The Internet

Feng Shui is absolutely fascinating and the further you delve into it, the more you may learn about the different forms and their applications.

laptop with google search

While there are easy and reliable guides out there that offer simple tips and explanations of Feng Shui, there are also many that proliferate myths and incorrect applications of Feng Shui. I have even read books about Feng Shui in which the advice differs from that in other books I have read and also from my master training. Consulting a trained and certified Feng Shui Master is the best way to distinguish Feng Shui truths from myths!

Combining Different Forms

There are many different components that make up Feng Shui. It has roots in astrology, geography, topography, geomancy and more! Applications of more advanced forms of Feng Shui, such as Flying Star Feng Shui, can be very intricate and complex and there are many elements to consider.

Feng Shui Flying Stars

Having studied and practised for over 12 years as a Feng Shui Master, I know first hand that initially some information can be quite confusing and it can be difficult to apply and combine multiple Feng Shui forms. Another challenging time can be during the transition from applying Tibetan Black Hat to applying Compass Feng Shui.

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If you have any questions, it is better to ask a Feng Shui professional and get the clarity!

Correct Application

You don't have to do it all yourself!

Whether you want to apply Black Hat or Traditional Feng Shui or don't know what either of those are but want "good Feng Shui" in your space, help is available!

While sometimes we want to learn everything ourselves, when things get confusing, they can easily become frustrating. Sometimes we need a teacher and find it easier to have someone tell us what we need to do.

You (hopefully) wouldn't try to fix your own

toilet if it leaked or your own car if it broke down (unless you were a plumber or mechanic), you'd probably hire a professional to do it!

Hiring a professional Feng Shui (Master) consultant ensures that the job is done right the first time! Remember that you are applying Feng Shui not only to your space, but to your life! Each sector of the Feng Shui Bagua and each room or area of your home and / or workspace relates to a specific area of your life (money, health, love, career, etc.).

You don't want to f*** that sh** up!

Professional Advice

While there is a lot that can be learnt through books and on the internet, Feng Shui is not so easily self-taught.

As in the example above, if your toilet leaked you would hire a plumber, if your car broke down you would take it to a mechanic; you would consult a professional in that area.

Feng Shui is a profession just like plumbing and mechanics. Feng Shui Masters like myself study and complete certification courses to practice Feng Shui professionally.

We are trained to analyse spaces with “Feng Shui eyes” and we can see things that the internet or books may not tell you to look for.

My personal approach is to help you implement Feng Shui to achieve YOUR outcomes. Advice in books and on the internet is general, while advice offered on your individual space is specific to you.

In summary, there is a lot of information out there about Feng Shui. Most of it is consistent, however you may find some sources provide conflicting (and sometimes even false) information.

Additionally, applying bits and pieces doesn't give you an overall picture or an overall result. Remember, you are applying Feng Shui to your life, so it is worth getting the help of a professional to ensure you have the best chance at getting the best results.

As a certified Feng Shui Master, having done this for over 12 years, I absolutely love what I do! Sharing Feng Shui is my passion and I love educating people on it.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and if you want or need any help applying Feng Shui to your own space, feel free to get in touch, I'm here to help!

You can reach me at


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