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Money and Water - 7 Feng Shui Tips for More Money

Water features can be wonderful for enhancing Feng Shui.

水 (Shui) means "water" in Chinese and water represents wealth and fortune in Feng Shui.

Having a (functioning and flowing) water feature at the front of a home or office, can bring wealth and fortune in and allows this energy to gather, pool and accumulate before entering the home or office.

Water is also an enhancer of the north sector, which represents career, life path, opportunity and income.

Additionally, water can also be a power tool in the southeast (prosperity, wealth and abundance) sector.

People often ask "how big should the water feature be?" To which my response is "how much money do you want?" Bigger is better. Just remember, it should be flowing, moving and working properly.

Stagnant water symbolises stagnant money and means nothing new is coming in. Broken water features can also represent money problems.

Tips for water features:

1. Make sure the feature is working properly and that the water is moving / flowing

Flowing water is flowing income. Moving water adopts more yang energy, stimulating growth. Remember, stagnant water represents stagnant money and broken water features can be symbolic of money problems.

2. Bigger is Better

Here, size matters. Bigger is better and the more yang the water, the more money energy can flow into your home or office. Think of pumping water as pumping money into your space - and into your life!

3. Location

Water is the enhancing element for north sector, which corresponds to career, life path, opportunity and income. Adding water here can do wonders for enhancing these areas of your life. Water at the front of the home or office represents money generating, pooling and accumulating before flowing into the space. The southeast (prosperity, wealth and abundance) sector can also benefit from water in the creative cycle.

Avoid placing water in the south sector, as the element for this area is fire and water douses fire in the destructive cycle. You don’t want to be putting out your own fire or dwindling your flame!

4. Creative and Destructive Elements

In the creative cycle, metal enhances the water element, so adding metal in the north sector or at the front of the dwelling can also give these areas a boost, as it energetically creates water. Avoid wood and earth elements here (unless these correspond with the sector in which the front door is located). In the exhaustive and destructive cycles, wood and earth weaken water. If enhancing the water element in the southeast (prosperity, wealth and abundance) sector, avoid metal.

5. Entry and Exit Points

In order for water to flow, it must have an entry point and an exit point. If you think about it, money also flows in and out; it is always coming in (salary, pay, income, earnings etc.) and going out (bills, food, expenses, investments etc.).

6. Direction and Movement

While movement is beneficial when it comes to water, we want water (and money) flowing in an upwards direction and essentially towards the dwelling. Be sure that the water does not spiral downward, as this gives the appearance of water going down a drain or running away from the dwelling and into the ground. This symbolism can translate to money as well.

7. Entrance for Money to Dwelling

Ensure money energy can flow easily into your home / office space. Make sure there is a clear and direct pathway for it to travel to the front entrance. If people have to walk around a water feature to get to the entrance, chances are that money (represented by the water) may take a long time to enter the bank account i.e. late payments, pending transactions etc.

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