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Feng Shui Salt Water Cure

The salt water cure is a powerful Feng Shui remedy for removing negative energy from a space.

The salt water cure represents the Metal element and is often used in conjunction with other Metal-element remedies to effectively combat the energies of the 2 Black Illness Star, the 3 Jade Argument Star and the 5 Yellow Catastrophe Star.

The cure uses 6 I Ching coins; 6 is a number in Feng Shui that represents the Metal element.

Included below are instructions for making your salt water cure, tips for placing it within the space for best results and guidelines for disposing of it correctly.

Salt Water Cure Materials

How to Make a Salt Water Cure

What You Need

- A bowl (glass, metal or porcelain)

- 6 I Ching coins (preferably brass)

- Rock salt (The higher quality, the better. I used Pink Himalayan Rock Salt)

- Water

- Mat or protective surface (on which to place your salt water cure)


1. Fill your chosen bowl 3/4 full with rock salt

2. Place the 6 I Ching coins in a circle on top of the salt with the Yang side of the coins facing upwards. (The Yang side is the one with the 4 Chinese characters).

3. Add water to fill the bowl to the top (Don't worry if the coins change position slightly when you add the water, I readjusted mine with tweezers).

4. Place the cure on the protective mat or surface and position it in the most relevant sector of the home or workplace

***The cure needs to be exposed to air, so be sure not to cover it or place it in a cupboard. If you are worried about the aesthetics of the cure, you can hide it behind a picture or a couch, but it must remain open and uncovered.***

5. Leave your cure undisturbed, except to add more water when required or to dispose of it.

Placing Your Salt Water Cure

As mentioned above, salt water cures can be effective for remedying the 2, 3 and 5 Flying Stars. In 2019, these stars are in the North East, the South and the South West, respectively. In these positions, these Stars can do damage to relationships, reputation and intellect, so a strong remedy is important to implement. Salt water cures can also be placed wherever you feel there is negative energy within a space.

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Once again, the salt water cure needs to remain open, exposed to air and uncovered. If you want to disguise it or hide it, you can place it behind another object or out of sight, as long as it is not placed in a cupboard or the like. It is best to place the cure in a place where it will not be tipped over, interfered with or otherwise disturbed.

It is recommended to place the cure on a mat or protective surface, as the cure will bubble and erupt (kind of like a volcano) over time. This means it is working! Just use a mat to protect your furniture or bench top beneath the cure.

Disposing of Your Salt Water Cure

Make sure when creating your salt water cure that you don't use your favourite bowl or finest china, for when disposing of the cure, the entire cure - including the bowl and the coins - should be discarded. This is because the cure is designed to absorb a large amount of negative energy. Re-using or holding onto the items used to make it will only continue to hold that negative energy in the space.

Chinese New Year is traditionally the ideal time to dispose of the salt water cure and to create a new one.

In some homes however, salt water cures may need to be replaced more frequently - up to twice a year or even every 3-4 months depending on how much negative energy they are absorbing within a space.

Use your discretion to determine if your cure needs replacing before the next Chinese New Year. Be aware, though, they can bubble up and erupt quite dramatically, so only dispose of and replace your cure if you think it is really necessary.

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