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5 Ways to Manifest with Feng Shui

Feng Shui Your Way to a life you love!

“I cant explain it really, except that it really works!" - Katie

"This s*** works instantly! Holy f***! I keep making money!" - Kevin

Feng Shui is the art of arranging objects within space to enhance energy flow and improve different areas of your life. Each area of the home or space corresponds to an area of your life and by enhancing these areas on the physical level, you can create tangible, real-life results.

In this way, Feng Shui is a form of manifesting. It ties in closely with the Law of Attraction. Applying and implementing Feng Shui helps to align energy while focusing and directing it, in order to manifest real-life results. Maybe there is something that you really want and would LOVE to have, but despite all the visualisation and work you have put in, you just can't quite seem to attract it. In terms of vibration, it can be difficult to maintain a high vibration for manifesting in an environment that drains and depletes your energy levels, or an environment that irritates or depresses you.

Feng Shui is a tool that can be helpful here because it creates an environment that positively supports you in achieving and attracting what you want.

It channels and focuses energy where you want it and into certain parts of your life that you want to improve - anything from career or business, to romantic relationships, to family life, to abundance and wealth, to creating a work-life balance and more! Feng Shui can help to improve all areas of your life and is a powerful manifesting tool.

Here are 5 ways to use Feng Shui in order to manifest what you want!

1. Declutter

Decluttering is the #1 best thing you can do to immediately improve your Feng Shui!

Declutter Quote

Decluttering works on both the physical and metaphorical level. For one thing, it gets energy moving and makes the space look cleaner, however, it also works energetically to make room for new things to enter your life! You can't attract what you want if there is no room for it in your life!

When you declutter, you release and let go of what no longer serves you and what is no longer relevant.

Have you ever found a piece of paper in a drawer or a cupboard with goals you wrote on it 3, 5, 10 years ago that you forgot about and that are no longer your current goals? Or a list of qualities you looked for in a partner when you were a young teenager that are no longer relevant? These kinds of lists are examples of what no longer serves you, what is no longer relevant to you and, moveover, what

is no longer aligned with what you want.

By holding onto these things, you are still attracting them into your life and limiting your potential for manifesting what is relevant to you now.

By decluttering your space, you are letting go of what has been stopping you from attracting or getting what you want. You are decluttering your life of old, limiting beliefs, thinking patterns and behaviours that have served you in the past, but which are now holding you back from achieving what you want.

2. Intentionally Place Items

Once you have decluttered, begin rearranging what is left over. When you go to place an item in a certain area, think of what that item represents. This may be what its physical features represent metaphorically, or, perhaps, the sentimental value it has to you.

These connotations can have strong effects on Feng Shui and your manifesting abilities - both good and bad.

I worked with a client a few years ago who unknowingly had toy guns, real knives and tackle boxes in her relationship area! Hooks, knives and guns...clear symbols of a loving and happy relationship! (Maybe if you're Mr. and Mrs. Smith!) She had hired me to focus on this particular area and probably for this reason!


I also had a client recently who had a bottle of vodka (AKA Russian water) in his Prosperity and Abundance sector. He had recently moved it there, without a particular intention and had acquired some Russian clients just days later!

Additionally, metaphors like "money going down the drain" or "my career going down the toilet" have a bearing on the physical and literal level as well. So, bathrooms, laundries and kitchens are important areas to consider and particularly looking at where they sit within the space.

When I take money out of my savings, I always take it out with the intention that the same amount and more will come back to me. Then when I put money back in, I put it in with the intention that it is replacing what has been removed and that money is always flowing to me easily. When placing items, place them with clear intention of what you want them to do for you in that particular space of your home (or workplace or hotel room, wherever you may be applying Feng Shu).

Intention is such an important part of Feng Shui, especially when you want to be creative and inventive or when you don't have a lot of space or many tools available to you. Intention is so important.

3. Enhance the Prosperity and Abundance Sector

Manifesting Quote

This is one of my favourite sectors of the Feng Shui bagua (Feng Shui 9 square grid). I use this area as my manifesting area!

This sector relates particularly to money, wealth and abundance, however, it can also be used to help manifest anything you want.

Abundance can relate to all areas of your life, not just money. So harness this powerful sector and accelerate your manifesting!

Put here pictures or items that represent what you want to attract into your life. Affirmations about money or wealth, health, life, love, anything in line with what you desire.

Enhance this area with the colours purple, green, brown and gold, the elements of wood (eg. trees, plants) and water and anything else that represents wealth to you! Again, refer to step 2 when placing items in this sector!

4. Enhance the Helpful People and Travel Sector

Helpful People and Travel sector

I think this is a sector in Feng Shui that is frequently overlooked for its power and ability to help manifest.

The Helpful People and Travel sector relates to networking, to mentors, teachers, friends, peers, anyone who can help you achieve what you want - and travel of course!

This is a fantastic area to enhance when applying for a new job, a promotion, a home or personal loan, when buying or selling a house or a car or when trying to do something you can't do by yourself.

mhsbfjwhbrj 5. Add Red! The colour red is an activator in Feng Shui. It enhances and improves every area. Add a bit of red to any sector to fire it up and give it an immediate boost!

Red room Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an immensely powerful manifesting tool. It works to create an environment that positively supports you in achieving and receiving what you want in all areas of your life.

Decluttering clears and opens space in your your life for new things to enter, while clearing out all that is no longer relevant, all that no longer serves you and all that has been holding you back from manifesting what you want.

Consciously placing items and objects with the intention that they will help you attract what you want, creates extra force and energy behind realising your goals and aspirations.

Enhancing key sectors that correspond with specific areas of your life you wish to improve even more fosters an environment that embodies your intentions and goals for your life. Boosting the Prosperity and Abundance and Helpful People and Travel sectors, can be particularly useful in attracting what you want and people who can help you along the way to achieving it.

Finally, red is a fantastic power tool that can be used anywhere to give an instant boost.

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