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Sage: Space Clearing or Space Erasing?

I received this message from my friend this afternoon and it doesn't surprise me at all.


Before my friend went to Bali a week and a half ago, she had multiple job offers, multiple secure and reliable sources of income, a loyal friend and housemate and she was living in an abundance mindset with a clear mission and vision for her life.

She called me yesterday in tears, filled with uncertainty and scarcity, explaining that her best friend (and housemate) had moved out on bad terms, that her multiple income sources had all stopped flowing and that she was questioning her life path and direction. Then today, I received the above message from her: "I figured it out! It all went pear shaped after I saged the house the week before Bali". A lot of people opt for sage first as a space clearing tool. Some Feng Shui consultants also use sage too generously and too frequently.


Sage works like an eraser - it wipes out everything in the space - including the work you have already done! It creates a completely blank slate.

People who sage their spaces frequently only undo what they have already established and it can often set them backwards in areas like career, relationships and success. They can feel like they have to start all over again when they have just reached the top or are on the verge of success. It should only be used in extreme circumstances.

There are many more effective and constructive methods of space clearing! These include the use of sound, natural airflow, light, movement and more. Sage should really only be used in very specific or extreme circumstances. However, some people insist on using sage, so below are 3 examples of when it is acceptable to use sage for space clearing.

When it is OK to use sage:

1. Moving into a new space This is one time when it is acceptable to use sage; when moving into a new space. Whether it be a new home or a new workspace or something in between - even buying a new car - using sage in these instances can be good to clear out old energy of previous owners or tenants and clear the canvas for you to paint your own energy and life.

Even in these circumstances, sage is not essential, again the same result can be achieved - sometimes even more effectively - through the introduction of natural light, airflow and movement.

2. For an annual / bi-annual space clearing Still not highly recommended, but for those who really feel the compulsion and need to sage their space, it should only be done once every 6 months MAX!! Unless you live in extreme circumstances or have many different people entering your space very frequently, twice a year is more than necessary!

Even if you do energy work in your space, I recommend using alternative space clearing tools as a daily cleanse or between clients, only using sage once a month or once per week at the most - and very sparingly!!

3. If your house is "haunted"

In certain cases, where you feel there may be an entity or a ghost or some other form of unwelcome being in your space, sage can be an optional tool. I advise this lightly, as I believe consulting a professional is the best approach in these sorts of cases.

I have worked with clients who felt they had ghosts living in their homes. In one of the homes, you could tangibly feel the presence of another person in the room when there was no one else there. In another, you could feel the energy, but it was just like a casing, or leftover energy of someone who used to be there.

In both cases, we were able to peacefully, easily and quickly help the energy move on by using light, airflow and some other techniques and WITHOUT SAGE. Often by acknowledging the presence of these energies and requesting that they leave is enough to get them moving. Again, if you are in need of more help, please consult a professional.

All in all, sage should be used as a last resort, not a first response when it comes to space clearing! These are only guidelines of when sage should be used, but I personally believe there are not many circumstances where it is necessary to use sage at all. If you have any questions about your space, please feel free to get in touch!

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